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Crossword Clues for ROVER

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Clue Source Date
Wanderer The Sun Two Speed 10 Nov 2020
Lunar vehicle runs past The Sun Two Speed 10 Nov 2020
One of six parked on the moon New York Times 18 Oct 2020
Rootless sort LA Times Daily 19 Jul 2020
Relative of Fido The Washington Post 01 May 2020
Land ___ (British luxury vehicle) New York Times 27 Apr 2020
Explorer on Mars New York Times 24 Mar 2020
Fido's pal Thomas Joseph 07 Dec 2019
Mars ___ The Washington Post Sunday 01 Dec 2019
Mars explorer The Washington Post 23 Sep 2019
Exploration vehicle Newsday 22 Sep 2019
Nomad Newsday 23 Jun 2019
Martian explorer Wall Street Journal 27 Feb 2019
Explorer of other worlds The Washington Post Sunday 30 Dec 2018
One refusing to settle Newsday 08 Dec 2018
Mars vehicle Premier Sunday 28 Oct 2018
Generic dog's name USA Today 09 Sep 2018
Completed The Washington Post Sunday 06 May 2018
Wandering dog? The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Dec 2017
Generic dog name Universal 27 Oct 2017
Standard dog name New York Times 08 Aug 2017
Curiosity on Mars, e.g Wall Street Journal 06 Apr 2017
Typical dog's run past The Times Cryptic 22 Sep 2016
Recreational softball position The Washington Post 13 Jun 2016
Lunar vehicle USA Today 25 May 2016
Generic pooch name USA Today 02 Apr 2016
See 3 Across The Telegraph Toughie 15 Mar 2016
Dog's name The Telegraph Quick 23 Oct 2015
Common dog name USA Today 18 Oct 2015
Fido's friend Wall Street Journal 14 Oct 2015
63-Across exploration vehicle LA Times Daily 01 Sep 2015
Nomadic sort Premier Sunday 23 Aug 2015
Touring vagabond
Fleetwood Mac "Red ___"
Vehicle on Mars
See 19-Across
Jethro Tull song about a dog?
Hopeless touring rocker
"Red" one in a classic playground game
Word after Mars or red
Zep song off "Physical Graffiti" (with "The")
Van Morrison "One Irish ___"
Spot alternative
NASA robotic vehicle
Generic pooch
Stereotypical dog name
Friend of Fido
Lunar ___ (Apollo 15 vehicle)
A wandering dog?
Zep song off "Physical Graffiti" (with "the")
Touring rocker
Fleetwood Mac: "Red ___"
Land __
Footloose one
Machine on Mars
Name on a bone-shaped ID tag, perhaps
Spacecraft on Mars
Friend of Rex
One on the move
Playmate of Spot
Unsettled sort
Brother of Snoopy
Name for a dog, perhaps
Generic canine name
Dog tag
Common dog's name
Moon vehicle
Canine name
Familiar dog's name
He may be in the doghouse
Fido's friend?
Pal of Fido
Wandering one
"The ___ Boys"
Name for some canines
Mars Pathfinder, for one
Popular dog's name
Medieval minstrel, often
Mutt monicker
A dog's name
BMW is selling this English subsidiary
Alchemy has called off its deal to buy this from BMW
See 30-Across
Rolling stone
Pal of Fido and Spot
He wanders
British-made car
Bowser's buddy
Man on the move
Word on a doghouse
Pooch name
Spot's friend
Friend for Fido
Footloose type
Red ___, children's game
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.