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Crossword Clues for RUSSET

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Clue Source Date
Brown with a reddish tinge Irish Times Simplex 29 Oct 2020
___ potatoes USA Today 28 Jul 2020
Color akin to auburn USA Today 29 May 2020
Colourful type from USSR shot by alien Irish Times Crosaire 26 Feb 2020
Autumn shade New York Times 28 Dec 2019
Reddish-brown colour Irish Times Simplex 28 Nov 2019
Potato used for fries USA Today 19 Nov 2019
Reddish brown Wall Street Journal 11 Jun 2019
Shade akin to chestnut New York Times 05 Jan 2019
Sport's scheduled for autumnal shade The Sun Two Speed 10 Dec 2018
Brown with a yellow or red tinge The Guardian Speedy 09 Dec 2018
Brown shade Newsday 11 Nov 2018
Potato often used for fries Jonesin 02 Oct 2018
Red-brown Premier Sunday 06 May 2018
Apple type Universal 21 Apr 2018
Reddish-brown The Telegraph Quick 11 Feb 2018
Apple or potato variety Jonesin 31 Oct 2017
Teacher leaves treasure chest with dull redhead Irish Times Crosaire 16 Sep 2017
Reddish-brown apple The Times Concise 06 Apr 2017
Dark brown potato Newsday 12 Dec 2016
Apple went hard after outer part peeled The Times Cryptic 10 Oct 2016
Autumn apple Universal 25 Aug 2016
Brown; apple variety The Times Concise 16 Jun 2016
McDonald's potato variety LA Times Daily 12 May 2016
Variety of apple Universal 08 Mar 2016
Type of apple USA Today 11 May 2015
Variety of potato Universal 02 May 2015
Potato variety Universal 13 Mar 2015
Apple often rough-skinned
Common potato
Winter apple
Many an Idaho potato
Greenish-brown apple
Rough-skinned apple
Apple variety
Apple or potato
Kind of potato
Dark red
Red shade
Unpolished leather
Type of potato
Reddish hue
Reddish-brown winter apple
Kind of apple
Winter apple.
Shade of red.
Reddish brown.
Brown as an apple.
A winter apple.
Fall color.
Color of an autumn leaf.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.