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Crossword Clues for SAGS

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Clue Source Date
Hangs low Thomas Joseph 04 Nov 2020
Slumps New York Times 25 Oct 2020
Droops Eugene Sheffer 05 Oct 2020
Declines Wall Street Journal 03 Oct 2020
Comes down Wall Street Journal 01 Oct 2020
Needs to slow down Newsday 03 Sep 2020
Gives a bit LA Times Daily 02 Sep 2020
Gets droopy USA Today 29 Aug 2020
Declines temporarily Wall Street Journal 19 Aug 2020
Gives under pressure, but not entirely Family Time 17 Aug 2020
Loses firmness USA Today 08 Jul 2020
Gets less firm USA Today 19 Jun 2020
Wilts USA Today 07 May 2020
Really sinks in New York Times 25 Apr 2020
Gives in to gravity USA Today 21 Apr 2020
Loses rigidity The New Yorker 30 Mar 2020
Hangs loose Universal 24 Dec 2019
Hangs down Thomas Joseph 19 Dec 2019
Shows wear, as a couch Universal 14 Dec 2019
Becomes less taut USA Today 13 Dec 2019
Sinks in the middle Universal 02 Nov 2019
Takes a nosedive USA Today 05 Sep 2019
What a heavily laden clothesline does Universal 14 Jul 2019
Goes limp USA Today 06 Jul 2019
Loses elasticity The Washington Post 21 Jun 2019
Loses tautness
Is droopy Universal 13 Jun 2018
Needs firming up USA Today 07 May 2018
Droops like an old sofa The Washington Post 20 Nov 2017
Flags New York Times 16 Sep 2017
Mind, in a way Canadiana 01 May 2017
Declines in the center Universal 18 Nov 2016
Loses zip Newsday 26 Aug 2016
Yields to gravity Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2016
Loses resilience Wall Street Journal 02 Jul 2016
Yields to pressure USA Today 30 Jun 2016
Goes soft USA Today 07 Jun 2016
Weakens LA Times Daily 14 May 2016
Drops down The Washington Post 14 Apr 2016
Gives a little The Washington Post 10 Apr 2016
Loses strength Newsday 20 Mar 2016
Goes south? The Washington Post 29 Jan 2016
Loses energy Newsday 13 Dec 2015
Declines in the middle USA Today 13 Dec 2015
Is dispirited, having lost nucleus of savings The Telegraph Toughie 29 Sep 2015
Isn't taut Wall Street Journal 21 Aug 2015
Downward movements LA Times Daily 02 Aug 2015
Dips New York Times 11 Jun 2015
Droops down Universal 24 May 2015
Droops over time LA Times Daily 07 Apr 2015
Droops in the middle
Takes a dip
Hangs heavy
Turns down?
Gives under pressure
Cosmetic surgeons' concerns
What an overloaded bookshelf does
Can't stand the weight
Succumbs to gravity
Loses muscle tone
Drops over time
Isn't straight in the middle
Bends under stress
Becomes baggy
Lacks firmness
Declines in value
Visibly can't stand the weight
Is no longer one of the firm?
Is low around the waist, as pants
Loses solidity
Drops off
Submits to gravity
Looks sway-backed
Doesn't hold up well, in a way
Hangs loose?
Loses intensity
Doesn't look at all youthful
Problems of the middle ages?
Is flabby
Doesn't stay up
Is swaybacked
Goes soft in the middle?
Doesn't hold up well
Hangs loosely
Gives under load
Gives under a load
Doesn't hold up well?
Is pendulous
Sinks downward
Loses vigor
Loses tension
Caves in
Shows wear
Exhibits a swayback
Shows one's age, perhaps
Becomes concave
Needs a lift?
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