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Crossword Clues for SALAMI

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Clue Source Date
Deli slice New York Times 26 Nov 2020
Deli meat Eugene Sheffer 13 Nov 2020
Submarine staple Wall Street Journal 28 Oct 2020
Italian sub meat USA Today 21 Oct 2020
Party tray meat New York Times 13 Sep 2020
Meat product The Sun Two Speed 26 Aug 2020
Girl friend in France for sausage The Sun Two Speed 26 Aug 2020
A sandwich meat Family Time 24 Aug 2020
Highly-seasoned Italian sausage Irish Times Simplex 24 Aug 2020
Tubular food Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2020
Yours truly is unfortunately up for meat The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Jul 2020
Spicy sausage The Sun Two Speed 12 Jun 2020
Meat product alas sent up M1 The Sun Two Speed 12 Jun 2020
Certain deli offering Family Time 17 May 2020
Italian sausage Universal 09 May 2020
French friend after reduced-salt sausage The Sun Two Speed 02 May 2020
Hero material Wall Street Journal 02 May 2020
Spicy sandwich sausage Newsday 21 Apr 2020
Hay from Himalayas or sausage from the deli? Irish Times Crosaire 20 Apr 2020
Sausage girl contacts friend in France The Sun Two Speed 04 Apr 2020
Cured pizza topping The Washington Post Sunday 01 Mar 2020
Meat roll in South Africa Liam cooked The Sun Two Speed 22 Feb 2020
Food that's cured New York Times 15 Feb 2020
Ingredient in an Italian sandwich
Meaty item in mail as ordered The Sun Two Speed 09 Oct 2019
Girl friend in France makes sausage The Sun Two Speed 24 Sep 2019
Deli hanger The Washington Post 23 Sep 2019
Sausage served up - is all over Massachusetts and in California Irish Times Crosaire 02 Sep 2019
No permit in Maritime Alps for cured sausage Irish Times Crosaire 15 Aug 2019
Sandwich cut Universal 12 Jul 2019
24-Across in antipasto USA Today 25 Jun 2019
Writer's unfortunately brought up meat roll The Sun Two Speed 14 Jun 2019
Layer of an Italian muffuletta sandwich New York Times 13 Jun 2019
Deli counter staple The Washington Post 07 May 2019
Italian meat product The Sun Two Speed 27 Mar 2019
Meat product unfortunately sent up M1 The Sun Two Speed 13 Mar 2019
Sausage girl meets friend in Paris The Sun Two Speed 09 Feb 2019
Cold cuts option The Washington Post Sunday 03 Feb 2019
Highly-seasoned sausage Irish Times Simplex 07 Jan 2019
Deli slices
Italian seasoned sausage Irish Times Simplex 04 Dec 2018
Sausage writer's unfortunately given up The Sun Two Speed 14 Nov 2018
Sub ingredient, often Universal 05 Nov 2018
Deli order The Washington Post 25 Oct 2018
Pepperoni, e.g USA Today 11 Sep 2018
Cold cut meat Universal 30 Aug 2018
Deli choice The Washington Post 23 Aug 2018
Seasoned sausage Thomas Joseph 08 Aug 2018
Italian garlic sausage The Guardian Speedy 28 Jul 2018
Cured meat Universal 13 Jul 2018
One hanging around in a deli? New York Times 08 Jun 2018
Pizza topping New York Times 17 Apr 2018
Hoagie ingredient Premier Sunday 01 Apr 2018
Deli hangings Universal 17 Mar 2018
Seasoned food served up in Lima -- lashings! The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Mar 2018
Sandwich meat Universal 22 Feb 2018
Antipasto meat USA Today 10 Feb 2018
A deli meat Family Time 05 Feb 2018
Pepperoni, e.g.
Subway option Wall Street Journal 13 Nov 2017
Spicy sandwich meat Newsday 10 Oct 2017
Italian hero ingredient USA Today 02 Sep 2017
Antipasto slice Newsday 13 Aug 2017
It's fermented and marbled Newsday 12 Aug 2017
No merit in materialism coming out of Italian deli Irish Times Crosaire 01 Aug 2017
Criticise over a provision central to what's cured by Italians Irish Times Crosaire 10 Jul 2017
Endless seasoning for a blend short of Italian sausage Irish Times Crosaire 05 Jul 2017
Hanging deli meat The Washington Post 06 Jun 2017
Spiced sausage The Times Concise 30 May 2017
Deli hanging Wall Street Journal 27 May 2017
Certain luncheon meat Family Time 12 Mar 2017
Alas, transport on motorway is coming from the deli Irish Times Crosaire 16 Feb 2017
Part of many a submarine New York Times 11 Feb 2017
Sub meat Premier Sunday 05 Feb 2017
Hero material? LA Times Daily 29 Jan 2017
Assimilated diets without something from deli Irish Times Crosaire 17 Jan 2017
Game stew containing a meat product The Times Cryptic 26 Dec 2016
Part of a cold cut sub, perhaps Family Time 30 Oct 2016
Cold-cut meat Family Time 16 Oct 2016
Part of a cold-cut sub, perhaps Family Time 03 Oct 2016
Deli supply New York Times 18 Sep 2016
Deli buy Thomas Joseph 09 Sep 2016
I am, regrettably, requiring return fare from Italy The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Sep 2016
Setter's regrettably rejected sausage The Telegraph Toughie 03 Aug 2016
Claim a last (piece of) round sausage The Telegraph Toughie 28 Jul 2016
Italian deli item Universal 03 Jul 2016
Healthy food mostly? Note sausage The Times Cryptic 08 Jun 2016
Spicy sausage in sandwiches Newsday 05 Jan 2016
Seasoned meat? It gets left with friend in bistro The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Dec 2015
Cured cylinder Wall Street Journal 11 Dec 2015
Sub choice New York Times 10 Dec 2015
Deli cut Eugene Sheffer 09 Nov 2015
One might hang around a deli Wall Street Journal 31 Oct 2015
Deli staple LA Times Daily 09 Oct 2015
Assimilated diets without something from the deli Irish Times Crosaire 18 Sep 2015
Deli offering Universal 23 Jul 2015
Deli purchase Eugene Sheffer 16 Jul 2015
The Italians make a meal of it when old Bob finds most of the Alamo intact initially Irish Times Crosaire 23 Mar 2015
Hero's innards? Eugene Sheffer 31 Jan 2015
Part of an Italian sub New York Times 20 Jan 2015
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