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Crossword Clues for SAMBA

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Clue Source Date
Back-to-back, various graduates dance The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Oct 2020
Brazilian dance with African roots USA Today 02 Oct 2020
Genre for Clara Nunes USA Today 17 Sep 2020
Brazilian dance The Washington Post 19 Aug 2020
Dance associated with Brazilian soccer Universal 10 Aug 2020
Copacabana steps LA Times Daily 27 Jun 2020
Dance The Telegraph Quick 18 Jun 2020
High-energy Rio Carnival dance Universal 17 Apr 2020
Dance of Brazil Thomas Joseph 17 Mar 2020
Lively modern Brazilian ballroom dance The Telegraph General Knowledge 08 Mar 2020
Steps taken from singular snake, heading off The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Feb 2020
Conga relative Premier Sunday 22 Dec 2019
Lively dance from Brazil Irish Times Simplex 09 Nov 2019
Originally South American music, Brazilian actually The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Nov 2019
Bossa nova kin USA Today 25 Aug 2019
Best-selling Adidas shoe model The New Yorker 12 Aug 2019
Ballroom dance Eugene Sheffer 09 Aug 2019
Ballroom dance of Brazil USA Today 08 Aug 2019
Samuel Butler's first American dance The Sun Two Speed 02 Aug 2019
Brazilian beat The Sun Two Speed 02 Aug 2019
Old lady's up with bachelor for dance The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Jan 2019
Dance a doctor held in South Africa The Sun Two Speed 16 Dec 2018
Option for 38-Across New York Times 01 Dec 2018
Dance of Rio Wall Street Journal 10 Nov 2018
Steps on a Brazilian dance floor, say The Washington Post Sunday 04 Nov 2018
Latin rhythm New York Times 02 Nov 2018
Dance with dips Universal 04 Oct 2018
South American moves Brazil adopted initially The Sun Two Speed 08 Jul 2018
Carnival dance The Sun Two Speed 08 Jul 2018
Lively dance Universal 02 May 2018
Rio dance USA Today 21 Apr 2018
Maxixe relative Wall Street Journal 08 Mar 2018
Dance with a doctor in South Australia The Sun Two Speed 20 Dec 2017
Brazilian music genre The Washington Post 27 Oct 2017
Latin dance The Washington Post 22 Oct 2017
Step like the bossa nova Newsday 24 Aug 2017
Conga's kin Premier Sunday 06 Aug 2017
Ballroom dance from Brazil Wall Street Journal 04 Apr 2017
Step in Rio Newsday 10 Feb 2017
Iconic Rio carnival activity LA Times Daily 03 Feb 2017
Fireman, maybe, with degree in dance The Telegraph Toughie 24 Jan 2017
Bossa nova relative USA Today 24 Jan 2017
Carnival music Newsday 07 Jan 2017
Set of steps taken in by Swiss ambassador The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Dec 2016
Rio Carnival dance USA Today 14 Sep 2016
Muscles needed to hold mother taking turn for a dance The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Mar 2016
South American dance The Guardian Speedy 06 Mar 2016
Boogie Brazilian-style The Washington Post 09 Jan 2016
'One Note ___' (Brazilian dance song by Antônio Carlos Jobim) The Washington Post 18 Dec 2015
Dance to 'Tico-Tico,' perhaps The Washington Post 10 Dec 2015
School academy has degree in dance Irish Times Crosaire 04 Nov 2015
Ballroom activity Universal 31 Oct 2015
Brazilian ballroom dance Wall Street Journal 26 Oct 2015
Ballroom favorite Eugene Sheffer 08 Jun 2015
S American dance The Telegraph Quick 16 Feb 2015
Bossa nova ancestor LA Times Daily 15 Jan 2015
Dance to "Tico-Tico," perhaps
"One Note ___" (Brazilian dance song by Ant™nio Carlos Jobim)
Bossa-nova relative
Rio carnival dance
Dance in Rio
Carnaval dance
Brazil's national music
Brazilian 102 Across
Dance to a syncopated rhythm
Brazilian dance with lots of shimmying
"Dancing With the Stars" offering
Brazilian dance music
Lively Brazilian dance
Mambo's cousin
Brazilian steps
Latin ballroom dance
Ballroom number
Dance to a Latin beat
Brazilian dance of African origin
Bossa nova cousin
Dance of African origin
Cousin of the bossa nova
Afro-Brazilian dance
Carioca's cousin
Carioca cousin
Duple-time dance
Carioca relative
Conga cousin
Bossa nova's cousin
Rio parade music
Rio tango
1930's Brazilian import
Copacabana dance
Lively ballroom dance
Rio rhythm
Rio de Janeiro dance
*Rio ... rhythm ... ballroom
Bossa-nova kin
Rhythmic dance
Dance that originated in Brazil
Latin step
Ballroom beat
Brazilian dance in duple time
Dipping dance
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.