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Crossword Clues for SASHA

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Clue Source Date
Malia's little sister Universal 15 Oct 2020
Michelle Obama's youngest Universal 20 Sep 2020
Figure skater Cohen Wall Street Journal 01 Sep 2020
Malia's sister Eugene Sheffer 12 Aug 2020
Nickname for Alexandra New York Times 21 Jul 2020
2000s White House girl The Washington Post 19 Jun 2020
Malia Obama's sister Universal 22 Apr 2020
One of the Obama daughters Thomas Joseph 20 Apr 2020
'I Am ... ___ Fierce,' #1 Beyoncé album New York Times 15 Apr 2020
Youngest Obama daughter Universal 15 Mar 2020
'Rizzoli & Isles' actress Alexander The Washington Post 26 Dec 2019
"Rizzoli & Isles" actress Alexander LA Times Daily 26 Dec 2019
Youngest of the Obamas USA Today 26 Dec 2019
'Dawson's Creek' actress Alexander The Washington Post Sunday 17 Nov 2019
Obama daughter Newsday 10 Oct 2019
Michelle's younger daughter Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2019
Drag performer Velour The Washington Post Sunday 21 Jul 2019
'I Am... ___ Fierce' (Beyonce album) Jonesin 16 Jul 2019
One of the Obamas New York Times 04 Jul 2019
A daughter of Barack USA Today 01 May 2019
Recent First Daughter Newsday 18 Apr 2019
Younger sister of Malia USA Today 26 Feb 2019
___ Velour, 2017 winner of "RuPaul's Drag Race" The New Yorker 04 Feb 2019
Olympic figure skater Cohen USA Today 18 Dec 2018
Olympic skating medalist Cohen The Washington Post Sunday 25 Nov 2018
Younger Obama daughter The Chronicle of Higher Education 28 Sep 2018
Recent White House daughter The Washington Post 23 Sep 2018
Tyreese's sister on 'The Walking Dead' The Washington Post Sunday 02 Sep 2018
Sister of Malia USA Today 23 Aug 2018
Malia's younger sister The Washington Post Sunday 03 Jun 2018
An Obama daughter USA Today 31 May 2018
Daughter of Barack The Washington Post Sunday 11 Feb 2018
Malia Obama's younger sister Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2018
Daughter of Michelle and Barack The Washington Post 20 Jul 2017
One of a White House couple until 2017 New York Times 16 Jun 2017
Malia Obama's sis Premier Sunday 11 Jun 2017
Younger Obama girl Premier Sunday 04 Jun 2017
Beyoncé's 'I Am... __ Fierce' The Washington Post 25 May 2017
Beyoncé's "I Am... __ Fierce" LA Times Daily 25 May 2017
Obama family member USA Today 10 Nov 2016
Resist in the White House New York Times 15 Sep 2016
Obama girl Premier Sunday 11 Sep 2016
An Obama girl USA Today 07 Sep 2016
___ Fierce (onetime Beyoncé alter ego) New York Times 19 Aug 2016
For boy or girl it's a bit of a laugh The Times Cryptic 26 Feb 2016
14-year-old covered by ''Elle'' Newsday 09 Jan 2016
Youngest White House resident since John-John Wall Street Journal 22 Oct 2015
2006 skating silver medalist Cohen LA Times Daily 01 Oct 2015
Daughter of 26 Down Newsday 23 Sep 2015
White House daughter LA Times Daily 26 Jul 2015
Youngest Obama LA Times Daily 13 Jul 2015
A First Daughter Newsday 24 May 2015
Nickname for Alexander
Bird in "Peter and the Wolf"
White House resident born in the 21st century
Teen caregiver of Sunny
___ Fierce (Beyoncé alter ego)
White House teen
Obama's younger daughter
Obama in the White House
Angie's "Rizzoli & Isles" costar
White House preteen
One of the Obama girls
White House girl
Youngest White House resident since Caroline
One of the First Daughters
White House tween
Obama daughter whose Secret Service code name is "Rosebud"
Ice skater Cohen
Barack's younger daughter
Russian nickname for Alexander
First Daughter
First dog walker, maybe
Unisex name in Russia
Isles, to 77-Across's Rizzoli
The younger Obama girl
Olympic skater Cohen
Skater Cohen
Obama whose Secret Service code name is "Rosebud"
Mitchell of "Step by Step"
"I Am ... ___ Fierce," #1 Beyoncé album
White House name
Bo's co-owner
"Peter and the Wolf" bird
Bird in Disney's "Peter and the Wolf"
Vujacic of the Los Angeles Lakers, who's nicknamed "The Machine"
Malia's sister in the White House
White House youngster
Bird's name in "Peter and the Wolf"
The younger Obama daughter
Bird's name in Disney's "Peter and the Wolf"
Violinist Schneider, informally
Slovenian-born N.B.A. guard Vujacic
A 33-Down in "Peter and the Wolf"
Champion figure skater Cohen
Michelle bested her for a 2002 skating bronze medal
Cohen on skates
Cohen on ice
Olympic silver medalist Cohen
Figure-skater Cohen
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.