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Crossword Clues for SAUSAGE

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Clue Source Date
Bratwurst or chorizo USA Today 30 Sep 2020
Eg, salami The Times Concise 23 Jul 2020
Wienie, perhaps from America, devoured by expert The Telegraph Cryptic 04 May 2020
Banger The Sun Two Speed 01 Feb 2020
Guru consuming country meat product The Sun Two Speed 01 Feb 2020
Pepperoni alternative The Washington Post 17 Nov 2019
South African custom for traditionally barbecued meat dish The Telegraph Toughie 03 Sep 2019
Meat stuffed into casing Irish Times Simplex 17 May 2019
One of those in the plot takes in America by banger Irish Times Crosaire 05 Jan 2019
Banger; snag The Telegraph Quick 25 Nov 2018
Pizza topping choice Thomas Joseph 14 Jul 2018
Part of a hot dog The Telegraph Quick 28 May 2018
Small precious type with 29 across in banger Irish Times Crosaire 24 Mar 2018
One's given a grilling South American fashion The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Dec 2017
Breakfast side The Washington Post 10 Nov 2017
Wurst from Brownshirts convention? The Times Cryptic 19 Jul 2017
It's cooked in South African tradition The Telegraph Cryptic 15 May 2017
Bratwurst or weisswurst The Washington Post 13 Nov 2016
Wise crossing America in a banger? The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Oct 2016
Prepared meat with herb around America The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jun 2016
Wise crossing immense country in banger? The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Mar 2016
Bologna, Cumberland or Toulouse, for example The Guardian Quick 27 Feb 2016
Type of dog food The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Oct 2015
Pizza order New York Times 23 Sep 2015
Breakfast staple USA Today 01 Sep 2015
Pizza topper
Pizza topping
Calzone contents
Breakfast meat
Certain link
Tubular breakfast meat
Link in the food chain?
Chorizo or merguez
It may be Polish or Italian
Knackwurst, for one
McMuffin meat, maybe
Banger, in Britain
Brit's banger
Ground stuff in a casing
It may be chain-linked
Pizza extra
Paella ingredient
Knockwurst, for one
Brat, e.g.
Breakfast link
Brunch selection
Breakfast side dish
Kielbasa, e.g.
Breakfast item
Deli offering
Processed meat
Popular food.
Captive balloon.
Highly seasoned meat.
Chorizo, e.g.
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