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Crossword Clues for SCONE

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Clue Source Date
Pastry with tea LA Times Daily 20 Oct 2020
Quick bread that may have raisins The Washington Post 15 Oct 2020
Crumpet's cousin Thomas Joseph 14 Sep 2020
Tea biscuit LA Times Daily 31 Aug 2020
Pastry served with tea USA Today 28 Aug 2020
High tea pastry Universal 22 Jul 2020
British bakery buy LA Times Daily 28 Jun 2020
Where stone was taken from food item The Telegraph Cryptic 21 May 2020
Teatime snack USA Today 14 May 2020
Pastry at a tea party USA Today 18 Apr 2020
British teacake Newsday 09 Mar 2020
Earl Grey partner Newsday 08 Nov 2019
Second ice-cream and cake The Sun Two Speed 31 Oct 2019
Scottish palace The Sun Two Speed 31 Oct 2019
British pastry Universal 15 Oct 2019
Snack with 30-Down Universal 01 Oct 2019
Pastry with some Earl Grey Jonesin 24 Sep 2019
Pastry with cheese and cherry varieties Universal 14 Sep 2019
Treat with afternoon tea USA Today 24 Aug 2019
Afternoon tea offering New York Times 01 Aug 2019
Teatime treat USA Today 09 Jul 2019
Muffin alternative The New Yorker 24 Jun 2019
Tea go-with The Washington Post 23 Jun 2019
Teahouse treat Wall Street Journal 09 Apr 2019
Tearoom treat Wall Street Journal 27 Mar 2019
Criminal in south-east for plain cake The Sun Two Speed 16 Mar 2019
Quick bread choice The Washington Post 10 Mar 2019
Snack with 15-Down USA Today 26 Feb 2019
Small ice-cream and plain cake The Sun Two Speed 22 Jan 2019
Biscuity pastry Universal 04 Dec 2018
Biscuit relative Universal 07 Sep 2018
Cream tea cake The Telegraph Quick 01 Jul 2018
Plain cake fraud in southeast The Sun Two Speed 25 Apr 2018
Snack with afternoon tea USA Today 14 Apr 2018
Tearoom serving USA Today 12 Mar 2018
Latte go-with The Chronicle of Higher Education 02 Mar 2018
#13 The Washington Post 09 Feb 2018
Plain teatime cake The Times Concise 05 Feb 2018
Social snack Wall Street Journal 16 Dec 2017
Cake finally rises once cooked The Telegraph Toughie 19 Oct 2017
Pastry served with 23 Across Newsday 14 Aug 2017
Biscuitlike pastry Universal 07 Jun 2017
High tea goodie USA Today 28 May 2017
Clotted cream may be put on one The Washington Post 27 May 2017
Teatime biscuit Universal 25 May 2017
Biscuit with English tea New York Times 12 Dec 2016
Bakery treat Universal 05 Oct 2016
Treat with tea USA Today 04 Sep 2016
Variety of quick bread New York Times 26 Aug 2016
Scottish quick bread Universal 19 Jul 2016
Tearoom biscuit USA Today 04 Jul 2016
Bakery buy Wall Street Journal 27 May 2016
Small cake's core of cassata ice cream The Telegraph Toughie 20 May 2016
Special ice cream or cake The Guardian Cryptic 03 May 2016
Tea-table treat Newsday 04 Mar 2016
Biscuit at teatime Universal 04 Mar 2016
Crumpet alternative Premier Sunday 07 Feb 2016
Breakfast pastry Newsday 04 Feb 2016
Starbucks snack LA Times Daily 24 Jan 2016
Teatime cake The Times Concise 09 Dec 2015
Teacake Universal 18 Oct 2015
Crumbly coffeehouse buy Jonesin 06 Oct 2015
Biscuit with tea New York Times 03 Aug 2015
Irish biscuit Newsday 15 May 2015
Teahouse offering
Item served with clotted cream
Treat traditionally served with clotted cream and jam
Tea pastry
Clotted cream go-with
Tea cake
Tea-shop pastry
Muffin cousin
British biscuit
Barley product
Cream tea ingredient
Bite with tea
Coffeehouse sweet
A quick bread
Turnover alternative
Pastry shop buy
Tea shop treat
Treat for tea
Type of pastry
Rich quick bread
Light griddle cake
Big biscuit
English biscuit served with tea
Breakfast biscuit
Earl Grey dunker
Certain quick bread
Coffeehouse treat
Breakfast bread
63 Across' tea biscuit
Tea cart treat
Pastry at a Devonshire tea
Crumpet cousin
Biscuit's kin
Biscuitlike cake
Historic capital of Scotland
Snack with tea
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.