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Crossword Clues for SCORN

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Clue Source Date
Disdain The Telegraph Quick 26 Mar 2020
Ridicule Premier Sunday 09 Feb 2020
Small company run heartlessly in contempt The Sun Two Speed 21 Dec 2019
Derision The Sun Two Speed 21 Dec 2019
Show disdain for USA Today 19 Nov 2019
Thumb one's nose at USA Today 01 Oct 2019
Treat disdainfully New York Times 10 Sep 2019
Treat with contempt USA Today 31 Jul 2019
Contempt The Washington Post 20 Sep 2018
Look down on Wall Street Journal 15 Sep 2018
Contempt for scoundrel losing duel Irish Times Crosaire 11 Sep 2018
Look down one's nose at Wall Street Journal 16 Jul 2018
Refuse to acknowledge stand-up's opening with poor jokes The Telegraph Toughie 27 Jun 2018
Show contempt Universal 28 May 2018
Reject with contempt The Washington Post 25 Mar 2018
Treat like a pariah Universal 09 Mar 2018
Contempt from some initially given cereal The Sun Two Speed 12 Dec 2017
Express contempt for Universal 23 Aug 2017
Mockery reflects name for types of legendary birds Irish Times Crosaire 05 May 2017
Look upon with disdain USA Today 19 Jan 2017
Open contempt The Times Concise 09 Jan 2017
Cold-shoulder Newsday 19 Jun 2016
Mocking contempt Irish Times Simplex 13 Feb 2016
Reject derisively Wall Street Journal 19 Dec 2015
Utter disdain USA Today 17 Dec 2015
Reject rudely Newsday 21 Oct 2015
Contempt, disdain Irish Times Simplex 17 Sep 2015
His ultimately old-fashioned stuff brings derision The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Aug 2015
Obvious contempt
Regard with contempt
It may be heaped on someone
Treat with disdain
Cool kids' regard for nerds
Belittle in a way
Turn up one's nose at
Heap ___ upon
Show contempt for
Open disrespect
Obvious disdain
Curl one's lip at
"Teach not thy lip such ___" (Shakespeare)
Treat badly
Find contemptible
It may be heaped on one
Show contempt toward
Dismiss as unworthy
Belittling act
Sneeze at
Derisive speech
Look down on with disdain
"Teach not thy lip such ___": "Richard III"
Show disdain
What a 93-Across expresses
"Teach not thy lip such ___, for it was made for kissing": Shak.
Refuse to recognize
Hold in contempt
Contemptuously refuse
Vigorous contempt
Haughty indifference.
Scoff at.
Turn up one's nose.
Haughty disdain.
Cause of hellish female fury.
"To ___ delights, and live laborious days."—Milton.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.