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Clue Source Date
Try to find something Irish Times Simplex 07 Nov 2020
Look (for) Universal 31 Oct 2020
Hunt Thomas Joseph 28 Jul 2020
Look for someone to reach out to after school Irish Times Crosaire 21 Jul 2020
Seek, hunt out Irish Times Simplex 09 Jul 2020
Try to find something by looking Irish Times Simplex 27 Dec 2019
Seek, hunt Irish Times Simplex 23 Nov 2019
Look high and low Eugene Sheffer 07 Oct 2019
Frisk The Washington Post 29 Sep 2019
Website feature often indicated by a magnifying glass Wall Street Journal 07 Sep 2019
Quest The Telegraph Quick 25 Apr 2019
Seek or hunt The Sun Two Speed 10 Mar 2019
Look to burn church The Sun Two Speed 10 Mar 2019
A job for the scouts on all sides today Irish Times Crosaire 02 Feb 2019
Web site feature Thomas Joseph 04 Oct 2018
Look for Universal 19 Sep 2018
Look for chaser on the loose The Sun Two Speed 19 Mar 2018
A good look The Sun Two Speed 19 Mar 2018
Look online The Washington Post 26 Dec 2017
Turn upside down Wall Street Journal 09 Nov 2017 function New York Times 16 Oct 2017
Beat the bushes The Washington Post 29 Jun 2017
Hunt runs in frantic chase The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Oct 2016
Explore curved building in Kent? The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Feb 2016
Engine or warrant preceder The Washington Post 12 Feb 2016
Seek The Telegraph Quick 09 Dec 2015
Seek a website Newsday 23 Nov 2015
Fish around bridge span opposite northwest bank? The Times Cryptic 26 Jun 2015
Google, say LA Times Daily 03 Apr 2015
One may be warranted
Google function
"The ___ Is Over" Survivor
Careful combing
Look for something
What The Hollies do the "Whole World Over"
"___ me!"
Go through
"a time to ___, and a time to give up"
Revealer of hits
Use Google, e.g.
Pat down
__ engine button
Surfer's pursuit
Kind of party
Word on a Google button
Use an engine, say
Internet look-up
Type of engine
TV's '-- for Tomorrow'
Warrant purpose
Scrounge about
Hunt high and low
Engine type
Posse's job
Use AltaVista, e.g.
Prepare to destroy
Kind of warrant
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.