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Crossword Clues for SEEK

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Clue Source Date
Car radio button Wall Street Journal 30 Sep 2020
Look out for follower of Punjabi guru speaking Irish Times Crosaire 18 Sep 2020
Try to find Irish Times Simplex 18 Sep 2020
Look for New York Times 15 Sep 2020
Hide and ___ USA Today 08 Sep 2020
Search for USA Today 06 Sep 2020
Search out Thomas Joseph 03 Sep 2020
Go after Newsday 14 Aug 2020
Attempt to find The Times Concise 24 Jul 2020
Imogen Heap's "Hide and ___" Universal 18 Jun 2020
Strive for LA Times Daily 18 Apr 2020
Hunt for USA Today 02 Apr 2020
Try to locate The Washington Post Sunday 02 Feb 2020
Hide's partner Family Time 22 Dec 2019
Last word of a children’s game Wall Street Journal 16 Dec 2019
Hide’s counterpart Wall Street Journal 25 Nov 2019
Be on a quest for USA Today 23 Nov 2019
Look out for saying - the religious type Irish Times Crosaire 02 Nov 2019
Be a hunter Family Time 09 Sep 2019
Run for, as office New York Times 25 Aug 2019
Pursue Thomas Joseph 03 Aug 2019
Fish for The Washington Post Sunday 21 Jul 2019
Endeavor Wall Street Journal 12 Jun 2019
Endeavor to attain Wall Street Journal 27 Apr 2019
Quest for Universal 24 Apr 2019
Hide-and-__ Newsday 31 Dec 2018
Attempt The Telegraph Quick 27 Dec 2018
Be on the lookout for rap coming out of speaker Irish Times Crosaire 18 Jul 2018
Try to track Family Time 15 Apr 2018
Request New York Times 05 Apr 2018
Be looking for Newsday 21 Feb 2018
Play in a kid's game Universal 04 Dec 2017
Try to gain, as a political office Wall Street Journal 07 Nov 2017
Apply for Wall Street Journal 01 Jul 2017
Aim to discover Newsday 04 May 2017
"___ and ye shall find" Universal 16 Mar 2017
'___ and ye shall find' New York Times 13 Mar 2017
Probe for Premier Sunday 19 Feb 2017
Be it? Universal 30 Jan 2017
Run for, as public office USA Today 09 Dec 2016
Search Canadiana 25 Jul 2016
Dig for Newsday 01 May 2016
Root around for Newsday 16 Apr 2016
Hunt, look for The Telegraph Quick 11 Apr 2016
Hunt The Telegraph Quick 29 Feb 2016
Look for and find king The Sun Two Speed 15 Nov 2015
Ask for The Sun Two Speed 15 Nov 2015
Go looking for Eugene Sheffer 06 Oct 2015
Work as a tracer Universal 19 May 2015
Participate in a kids' game USA Today 22 Mar 2015
Participate in a child's game Jonesin 19 Mar 2015
Quest Eugene Sheffer 26 Feb 2015
Try to obtain USA Today 31 Jan 2015
Hide's companion
Go for
Fish for or ferret out
Partner of hide
"To strive, to ___, to find, and not to yield": Tennyson
Go in search of
Act like it
Try to track down
Pursue, as comfort or shelter
Hide's partner?
Be "it"
Imogen Heap "Hide and ___"
Howard Jones "Hide and ___"
Try to get
Run for
Quest after
Scout for
Be "it" at play
Use a search engine
Make an effort to find
Be "it" in a playground game
Search, in a child's game
Metallica does this before they "Destroy"
Metallica "___ and Destroy"
Be "it," in a game
Try to unearth
Metallica: "___ and Destroy"
Tuner option
Ask for, as advice
Grope for
Play in a child's game
Car radio mode
Request, as advice
Take part in a child's game
Hunt high and low
"Hide" counterpart
Be like it?
Act as "It"
Use a search engine, e.g.
Second part of a kid's game
Hide counterpart
Delve into
Some missiles do it
Go on a quest
Go questing for
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.