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Crossword Clues for SEETO

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Clue Source Date
Handle Thomas Joseph 05 Nov 2020
Look after LA Times Daily 01 Nov 2020
Deal with USA Today 30 Oct 2020
Address properly Newsday 24 Oct 2020
Take care of The Washington Post 29 Sep 2020
Address LA Times Daily 07 Mar 2020
Manage New York Times 12 Dec 2019
Handle expertly Newsday 15 Nov 2019
Take charge of Newsday 20 Sep 2019
Take responsibility for USA Today 17 Jun 2019
Be responsible for USA Today 26 Mar 2019
Arrange for Universal 07 Jan 2019
Deal with ordinary tops from the east The Telegraph Toughie 01 Jan 2019
Handle appropriately Newsday 21 Sep 2018
Attend Premier Sunday 09 Sep 2018
Handle adequately Newsday 23 Feb 2018
Make certain of
Make sure of USA Today 22 Jul 2017
Ensure Premier Sunday 12 Jul 2015
Handle properly
Handle effectively
Make arrangements for
Pamper, perhaps
Handle well
Get done
Care for
Take care of, as duties
___ it (get the job done)
Handle efficiently
Be in charge of
Handle the arrangements for
Get on
Watch after
Handle, as arrangements
Take care of.
Look after.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.