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Crossword Clues for SEP

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Clue Source Date
Mo. in which Oktoberfest begins LA Times Daily 19 Nov 2020
Back-to-school mo Jonesin 17 Nov 2020
Labor Day mo Wall Street Journal 05 Oct 2020
End of the third qtr Newsday 24 Sep 2020
Mo. when Oktoberfest starts New York Times 06 Aug 2020
Apt mo. to open an IRA? Universal 28 Jun 2020
Fall mo Thomas Joseph 19 May 2020
Mo. in which fall starts Premier Sunday 19 Apr 2020
Equinox mo The Washington Post 08 Mar 2020
Aug. follower Eugene Sheffer 05 Mar 2020
Intl. Talk Like a Pirate Day month The Washington Post 18 Oct 2019
IRA type Jonesin 30 Jul 2019
Mo. in 1962 in which J.F.K. gave his 'We choose to go to the moon' speech New York Times 21 Jul 2019
Third qtr. concluder Wall Street Journal 22 May 2019
Mo. in 1962 in which J.F.K. gave his "We choose to go to the moon" speech
Back-to-school mo.
Labor Day mo.
Qtr.-ending month The Washington Post 23 Dec 2018
Natl. Library Card Sign-Up Month New York Times 14 Sep 2018
Pennant race mo The Washington Post 30 Mar 2018
Mo. with Constitution Day New York Times 04 Mar 2018
Equinox mo.
Pennant race mo.
Fall mo.
Third-qtr. ender The Washington Post 15 Nov 2017
Autumnal equinox mo The Washington Post 13 Jun 2017
Summer and fall mo Premier Sunday 07 May 2017
Mo. when the N.F.L. season starts New York Times 05 Apr 2017
National Grandparents' Day mo New York Times 04 Feb 2017
National Grandparents' Day mo.
Autumnal equinox mo.
9, often: Abbr LA Times Daily 25 Nov 2016
Month no. 9 Premier Sunday 30 Oct 2016
National Yoga Month (abbr.) The Washington Post 13 Sep 2016
Sapphire's mo Jonesin 19 Jul 2016
Labor Day month: Abbr Newsday 11 Jul 2016
When Mex. celebrates Independence Day New York Times 28 May 2016
A 30-day mo USA Today 07 May 2016
Mo. with Talk Like a Pirate Day New York Times 05 May 2016
NFL season opening mo LA Times Daily 31 Jan 2016
National Preparedness Mo LA Times Daily 21 Jan 2016
A 30-day mo.
National Preparedness Mo.
NFL season opening mo.
30-Down preceder on a calendar New York Times 25 Dec 2015
Summer mo Premier Sunday 20 Dec 2015
Intl. Day of Peace month New York Times 21 Nov 2015
9th mo Eugene Sheffer 12 Nov 2015
Patriot Day's mo New York Times 07 Jun 2015
Follower of Aug New York Times 25 May 2015
Mo. with Patriot Day New York Times 08 Apr 2015
Mo. in which Australia observes Father's Day The Chronicle of Higher Education 20 Mar 2015
Natl. Courtesy Month New York Times 08 Feb 2015
Summer mo.
Patriot Day's mo.
Follower of Aug.
Calendar abbr.
Mo. in which autumn starts
Mo. that seems like it should be seventh
Mo. of National Grandparents' Day
Michaelmas mo.
Libra's mo., perhaps
Better Breakfast Mo.
When sch. often starts
Talk Like a Pirate Day mo.
Ninth mo.
It comes between Aug. and Oct.
Elephant Appreciation Day mo.
Alternative to a Keogh acct.
Equiv. of 9
Patriot Day mo.
Third qtr. closer
Mo. containing Constitution Day
Ninth in a series: Abbr.
9, in many cases: Abbr.
Start to fall? (abbr.)
Mo. #9
___ 21, Intl. Day of Peace
Labor Day's mo.
Mo. when asters usually flower
Father's Day mo. in Australia
National Chicken Mo.
Cal. abbr.
9, at times: Abbr.
Time of the fall: Abbr.
Mo. when fall starts
Autumn mo.
Wm. H. Taft was the only U.S. president born in this month
Third qtr. ender
Mo. with Natl. Grandparents' Day
Citizenship Day mo.
Virgo's mo., maybe
When the regular NFL season opens
Another 30-day mo.
Type of IRA
30-day mo.
Start to fall: Abbr.
Opposite of Mar. on a calendar
When the regular NFL season begins
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.