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Crossword Clues for SHALE

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Clue Source Date
Rock source of petroleum Newsday 27 Oct 2020
Oil source Wall Street Journal 10 Oct 2020
Rock in which fossils can be found New York Times 24 Jul 2020
Oil-producing rock Universal 29 Apr 2020
Sedimentary rock The New Yorker 06 Apr 2020
Rock formed from clay Thomas Joseph 21 Dec 2019
Fuel oil source Newsday 08 Dec 2019
Frackable rock Wall Street Journal 06 Nov 2019
Some mudrock New York Times 01 Nov 2019
Oil source has damaged the French The Sun Two Speed 15 Oct 2019
Fuel-yielding rock The Sun Two Speed 15 Oct 2019
Rock that's 'fracked' USA Today 28 Sep 2019
Oil-yielding rock USA Today 28 May 2019
Fissile rock Universal 26 May 2019
Product of clay compaction Wall Street Journal 12 Jan 2019
Rock that's "fracked"
Fossil source Universal 21 Dec 2018
Oil source has excited the French The Sun Two Speed 10 Dec 2018
Easily cleaved rock USA Today 03 Oct 2018
Rock from which slate is formed USA Today 27 Sep 2018
Oil-yielding mineral USA Today 09 Aug 2018
Petroleum source The Washington Post 22 Jul 2018
Oil-bearing rock Newsday 11 Jul 2018
Fossil-yielding rock Universal 21 Jun 2018
Layered sedimentary rock Irish Times Simplex 16 Jan 2018
Fossil-yielding sedimentary rock USA Today 10 Jan 2018
Rock that's fracked USA Today 24 Dec 2017
Fracking target Wall Street Journal 14 Nov 2017
Layered rock Eugene Sheffer 09 May 2017
Source of gas market includes hydrogen The Telegraph Toughie 13 Apr 2017
*Sedimentary rock New York Times 10 Jan 2017
Something fracked in fracking New York Times 24 Dec 2016
Mud, after compaction Wall Street Journal 21 Oct 2016
__ oil Newsday 20 Aug 2016
Fracking material New York Times 08 Mar 2016
Slate source Premier Sunday 24 Jan 2016
Easily split layered rock Irish Times Simplex 25 Aug 2015
Rock hotel in auction The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Jul 2015
Hardly hard rock? USA Today 04 May 2015
Flagstone material Universal 09 Mar 2015
Easily-split sedimentary rock Irish Times Simplex 17 Jan 2015
Laminated rock
Something settled long ago?
Mineral layer involved in fracking
Thin-layered rock
Compressed clay
Fine-grained sedimentary rock
Rock used for flagstones
Rock that may yield oil
Product of mud compaction
Possible source of petroleum
Easily split rock
Fossil holder
Rock often containing quartz
Kerosene source
Oil-rich mineral
Fine-grained rock
Most common sedimentary rock
Layered fissile rock
A source of oil
Slate, originally
Source of oil
Rock that splits easily
Rock made from layered mud
Synfuel source
River-delta material
Rock made in layers
Common fossil rock
Stratified rock
Shelf material
Source of kerosene
Mudstone, e.g.
Mud, after centuries
Oily rock
Claylike rock
Fossil medium
Sedimentary stuff
Brick ingredient
Source of aluminum
Rock made into flagstones
Thin layered rock
Not exactly hard rock?
Oil rock
Rock-made from layered mud
Oil--producing rock
Rock that may hold fossils
Laminar rock
Flaky rock
Grained rock
Kind of oil
Clayey rock
Oily stone
Type of oil
An oil source
Fragile layered rock
Cleavable rock
Rock that splits into bits
Argillaceous rock
___ oil
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.