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Crossword Clues for SHAME

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Clue Source Date
'That's a pity' The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jun 2020
Ignominy Thomas Joseph 22 Apr 2020
___ Na Na New York Times 16 Apr 2020
'Tsk, tsk!' New York Times 20 Mar 2020
Dishonor Eugene Sheffer 13 Mar 2020
Rueful feeling Newsday 12 Mar 2020
Regretful feeling Jonesin 24 Dec 2019
'Too bad' USA Today 08 Dec 2019
Result of embarrassing behavior The Washington Post Sunday 17 Nov 2019
"Ain't That a ___" (Fats Domino hit) Universal 13 Oct 2019
Extreme embarrassment Newsday 12 Aug 2019
Scandal involving meat in southeast The Sun Two Speed 26 Apr 2019
Humiliation The Sun Two Speed 26 Apr 2019
Finger-wagging reprimand Wall Street Journal 17 Apr 2019
"Naughty you!" Universal 10 Mar 2019
Emotion related to guilt Universal 10 Jan 2019
Bombing comic's feeling The Washington Post Sunday 16 Dec 2018
Self-reproach The Washington Post 13 Dec 2018
Embarrassment Universal 29 Sep 2018
Meat in southeast is disgrace The Sun Two Speed 02 Sep 2018
Humiliate husband in uniform The Sun Two Speed 15 Aug 2018
Disgrace The Sun Two Speed 15 Aug 2018
Guilty feeling New York Times 15 Aug 2018
Dishonour The Sun Two Speed 16 Jul 2018
Infamy Newsday 25 Mar 2018
"Tsk, tsk!" USA Today 14 Jan 2018
'Tut-tut!' The Washington Post 21 Dec 2017
"Tut-tut!" LA Times Daily 21 Dec 2017
Humiliate Thomas Joseph 28 Sep 2017
Scoundrel's lack USA Today 28 Aug 2017
Abasement Universal 24 Aug 2017
Hotel in similar scandal Irish Times Crosaire 25 Jul 2017
Bad thing to bring one's family New York Times 02 Jul 2017
"Fool me once, ___ ..." Universal 25 May 2017
Strong regretful feeling Newsday 21 Mar 2017
Disrepute Wall Street Journal 09 Mar 2017
Blusher's emotion USA Today 26 Feb 2017
Make blush Family Time 11 Dec 2016
"That's a __" LA Times Daily 11 Dec 2016
Brassy person's lack The Washington Post 28 Aug 2016
Red-faced feeling Universal 22 May 2016
Cause to turn red, perhaps USA Today 25 Apr 2016
'For ___!' New York Times 13 Jan 2016
"For ___!"
Cause of reddening, perhaps Wall Street Journal 23 Sep 2015
Painful emotion resulting from guilt Irish Times Simplex 09 Jul 2015
Blush cause LA Times Daily 08 May 2015
Starts saving bacon early, to begin with? There's no pride in that! Irish Times Crosaire 04 Mar 2015
Head-hanging emotion Universal 13 Jan 2015
Jezebel's lack
Public humiliation
"___ on you!"
Remorseful feeling
Great embarrassment
"Fool me once, ___ on you . . ."
Cause of a red face
Aristotle's "ornament to the young"
Rueful embarrassment
"Fool me once, ___ . . .
Finger wagger's admonition
Put to ___ (outdo)
Blusher's emotion, perhaps
"Hang your head!"
"Naughty, naughty!"
Word of reproach
"Tsk tsk!"
Finger-wagger's word
It may be dirty
Bad thing to be put to
Finger wagger's cry
Word with dirty or crying
"A Low Down Dirty ___" (1994)
"You should be embarrassed!"
Word said with a wagging finger
Unfortunate turn of events
Salman Rushdie novel
Red state?
Stings of conscience
Social opprobrium
It causes redness
1983 Salman Rushdie novel
Feeling of remorse
What a black sheep may bring to its family
Put to __ (outdo)
Show up
Word said with finger-pointing
Skeleton in the closet
Word after "crying" and before "on you!"
"_____ on you!"
"Ain't That a _____"
Turn red, in a way
"For --!": How could you!
Pillory purpose
____ on you!
Make meek, in a way
___on you
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