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Crossword Clues for SHEET

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Clue Source Date
Bedding item Jonesin 27 Oct 2020
Bed linen unit Family Time 26 Oct 2020
Bedding component LA Times Daily 26 Aug 2020
Paper unit Thomas Joseph 26 Aug 2020
With 27-Across, slippery hazard New York Times 17 Jun 2020
Unit of stamps New York Times 07 Jun 2020
What a shredder shreds The Washington Post Sunday 24 May 2020
The man wearing usual coat The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Apr 2020
Word with ice or cookie LA Times Daily 11 Mar 2020
One might be fit for a king The Washington Post 22 Feb 2020
Ream unit
Sleep on it
1/500 of a ream Universal 30 Dec 2019
Paper piece Thomas Joseph 05 Dec 2019
Linen closet item USA Today 22 Nov 2019
Part of a packet The Washington Post Sunday 29 Sep 2019
Place for a rap The New Yorker 16 Sep 2019
Piece of paper The Telegraph Quick 09 Aug 2019
Large piece of metal Newsday 04 Aug 2019
Threatens to ignore rant in the paper Irish Times Crosaire 11 Jul 2019
Bedding layer The New Yorker 03 Jun 2019
Was the Princess and Pea expected to lie about this in the paper? Irish Times Crosaire 09 May 2019
One in a ream USA Today 23 Feb 2019
You might sleep on it Family Time 11 Feb 2019
It may be fitted The Washington Post 03 Jan 2019
Adventure novel in Latin and film The Telegraph Toughie 01 Jan 2019
One of 500 in a ream New York Times 10 Dec 2018
He cuts firm leaf The Sun Two Speed 08 Oct 2018
Bed cover The Sun Two Speed 08 Oct 2018
Mattress cover New York Times 20 Aug 2018
Item of bedlinen The Times Concise 12 Jun 2018
Stationery unit Wall Street Journal 24 Mar 2018
One fit for a queen? The Washington Post 11 Mar 2018
Makeshift ghost costume New York Times 28 Jan 2018
Glass piece The Washington Post Sunday 31 Dec 2017
Item of bed linen The Times Concise 05 Dec 2017
These problems laid out for the king Irish Times Crosaire 13 Nov 2017
Piece of paper or bedlinen Irish Times Simplex 28 Oct 2017
Cookie baker's buy Newsday 08 Oct 2017
Large, shallow pan New York Times 14 Jul 2017
Characters from achieves he etched laid out on bed Irish Times Crosaire 20 Feb 2017
Unit of rain or ice New York Times 11 Feb 2017
Ambassador seen in group in paper The Times Cryptic 31 Jan 2017
Newspaper piece Newsday 10 Dec 2016
1/500 ream USA Today 03 Dec 2016
White sale item USA Today 26 Oct 2016
Mattress covering USA Today 07 Oct 2016
Stamp purchase Newsday 25 Sep 2016
Not just any New York Times 01 Sep 2016
Bed-in-a-bag item Jonesin 26 Jul 2016
Crude Halloween costume New York Times 25 Mar 2016
The woman put on Alien -- film The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Mar 2016
It might be fit for a king Wall Street Journal 08 Jan 2016
Cover ... or cover ___
Piece (of paper) The Times Concise 29 Dec 2015
Item of bed linen put around male The Sun Two Speed 29 Nov 2015
Cookie baker's need Eugene Sheffer 24 Nov 2015
Percale purchase Universal 04 Nov 2015
It may have blanket coverage Wall Street Journal 28 Aug 2015
Purchase for a king or queen New York Times 24 Aug 2015
__ lightning Newsday 01 Aug 2015
Ersatz Halloween costume Newsday 23 Apr 2015
Kind of music USA Today 14 Apr 2015
One of a ream USA Today 27 Mar 2015
Bed linen Eugene Sheffer 18 Feb 2015
Rock or music preceder
Makeshift drop cloth, perhaps
White-sale buy
Word before cake or music
Paper tray unit
Ream component
Economical Halloween costume
Ghost-costume need
Undercover item?
Pillowcase go-with
Form of many a birthday cake
Quickie ghost costume
__ music
Fitted bedding item
500th of a ream
Type of music?
Word with cookie or rap
See 39 Across
Baking aid
Word with metal and music
Improvised toga
0.2% of a ream
Word with cake or metal
It may be shorted at summer camp
Ream piece
Pillowcase accompanier
Postage-stamp purchase
Thin piece
Ghostly get-up
Member of the quire?
Linen sale purchase
You may sleep on it
Undercover item
Quire member?
Metal unit
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.