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Crossword Clues for SHERRY

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Clue Source Date
Drink the last of the Rieslings with German gentleman getting tipsy at The Foundation Irish Times Crosaire 26 May 2020
South German man has yen for drink The Sun Two Speed 12 May 2020
Fortified wine The Sun Two Speed 12 May 2020
Female on right lines requires drink The Sun Two Speed 02 Oct 2019
Small German man with yen for drink The Sun Two Speed 21 Jul 2019
Wine with a nutty flavor USA Today 19 May 2019
Drink the female bishop gets before Sunday's ending The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Apr 2019
Spanish liquor Universal 15 Aug 2018
After-dinner wine Newsday 25 Jul 2018
Reticent to admit sin produced by drink The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jun 2018
Amontillado, e.g. The Telegraph Quick 12 Mar 2018
Popular aperitif Wall Street Journal 04 Dec 2017
German gentleman breaking limits for solitary tipple The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Aug 2017
Alcohol for the trifle Irish Times Simplex 29 Jun 2017
Spanish wine Universal 27 Apr 2017
She's so sorry going around drunk in Spain Irish Times Crosaire 21 Feb 2017
Amontillado The Telegraph Quick 25 Dec 2016
Do wrong breaking into reserved wine The Times Cryptic 23 Dec 2016
Fortified wine of Spain The Guardian Speedy 10 Jul 2016
1962 hit by The Four Seasons The Washington Post 16 May 2016
Wine of the palomino grape New York Times 13 Nov 2015
Cooking wine Universal 25 Oct 2015
Make a mistake and throw out the drink The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Mar 2015
South German man with yen for drink The Times Cryptic 16 Feb 2015
Amontillado, for one
Spanish dessert wine
First hit for The 4 Seasons
Port relative
Frankie Valli smash
Fortified "cream" wine
Fortified fare
1962 #1 hit by the 4 Seasons
Four Seasons song
Spanish export
Lobster Newburg ingredient
Fino, for one
Four Seasons song of 1962
Nutty-flavored wine
Vino e.g.
Jerez product
Fino is one
Open-house drink
The man who came to dinner
Spanish drink
Spanish export.
Spanish specialty.
Spanish wine.
Cooking aid.
Wine from Jerez, Spain.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.