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Crossword Clues for SIDEA

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Clue Source Date
Hopeful hit Wall Street Journal 31 Oct 2020
Record half with the hit, usually Premier Sunday 11 Oct 2020
First half of a cassette Universal 22 Aug 2020
Finer cut, usually New York Times 15 Aug 2020
Half of a record New York Times 19 Jul 2020
Single surface Wall Street Journal 30 May 2020
45's better half New York Times 17 Apr 2020
Musician's better half? New York Times 14 Nov 2019
Groovier part of a 45? The Washington Post 20 Jun 2019
The Beatles' 'Hey Jude' vis-à-vis 'Revolution' New York Times 07 Jun 2019
First half of an LP Eugene Sheffer 29 May 2019
Hit home? Universal 27 Mar 2019
Half of a 45 New York Times 26 Mar 2019
It's usually the hit The Washington Post 10 Mar 2019
The Beatles' "Hey Jude" vis-à-vis "Revolution"
Album's first half Premier Sunday 23 Dec 2018
LP half Wall Street Journal 04 Dec 2018
Vinyl record half USA Today 10 Sep 2018
Single's spot on a 45 USA Today 17 Aug 2018
What an LP has that a CD lacks The Washington Post 10 Aug 2017
45's more-played half, usually USA Today 20 Jun 2017
Record half The Washington Post 08 Jun 2017
Queen's 'We Are the Champions,' vis-à-vis 'We Will Rock You' New York Times 02 Jun 2017
Platter half Wall Street Journal 07 Feb 2017
Queen's "We Are the Champions," vis-à-vis "We Will Rock You"
Featured half of a 45 Universal 03 Mar 2016
Hit half of a record LA Times Daily 30 Nov 2015
Place to see a hit LA Times Daily 24 Oct 2015
Half a 45 New York Times 29 Jul 2015
The Beach Boys' 'Surfer Girl' vis-à-vis 'Little Deuce Coupe' New York Times 18 Jan 2015
The Beach Boys' "Surfer Girl" vis-à-vis "Little Deuce Coupe"
Tracks before turning the tape
It gets spun more often
Single surface?
Top of a platter
Cassette half
"I Want to Hold Your Hand" through "All My Loving," on "Meet the Beatles!"
Singer's better half?
Popular cut on a platter
Where to find the bigger number?
Tape marking
Popular half of a 45, usually
More popular song, usually
Better song, usually
Vinyl single's "front"
Better half, you might say
Hit on a 45
It's probably played first
"Love Me Do" vis-à-vis "P.S. I Love You"
Hit-containing half of a 45
Album half
Hit half of a 45
45 half
The more popular half, usually
Phrase on some cassette tapes
Half of an audio cassette
Part of a record getting the most airplay
Half of a 45 with more airplay
Deejay's interest, typically
Hit location
It's usually a hit
Half of 45?
First half of an album
Hit song's place
Hit locale
One-time hit location
The hit on a 45, usually
Half an audio cassette
Single component
Most-played half of a 45
Place to find a hit
Half a record
Flip of the flip?
Record part
Part that's most listened to
Popular cut?
Featured half of a 45 rpm record
It's usually played first
Presley's "Don't," not "I Beg of You"
Musician's better half
Record start?
Primary cut?
Platter part
Record choice
Hit song on a 45-rpm record, usually
Where to find the hit
45's better half, usually
"I Get Around" as opposed to "Don't Worry Baby"
Hits were found here
Half of an LP
Cassette part
Hit's place, often
"Don't Be Cruel" as opposed to "Hound Dog"
Half a tape
Part of a tape
LP part
Part one of a tape
Tape half
You'll listen to this the most
Place for a hit, usually
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