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Crossword Clues for SISTER

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Clue Source Date
Nurse, nun and relative Irish Times Simplex 16 Sep 2020
Resist about the sibling Irish Times Simplex 27 Jun 2020
Venus, to Serena Eugene Sheffer 07 May 2020
Female sibling The Telegraph Quick 03 May 2020
Frequent choice for maid of honor New York Times 03 May 2020
Convent address Wall Street Journal 08 Feb 2020
Part of the diagnosis terrified medical practitioner Irish Times Crosaire 20 Jan 2020
Nun's title Newsday 12 Dec 2019
Ivanka, to Donald Jr USA Today 14 Sep 2019
Maid of honor, sometimes USA Today 22 Aug 2019
Cordelia, to Regan The Washington Post 17 Jul 2019
Part of the diagnosis terrified one of the family members Irish Times Crosaire 16 Jul 2019
Close female relative The Telegraph Quick 13 Jun 2019
Nurse in NHS is terrible The Sun Two Speed 24 Apr 2019
Member of family The Telegraph Quick 13 Apr 2019
'Abbess' is term describing nun The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Feb 2019
Pippa, to Kate Middleton Eugene Sheffer 15 Feb 2019
Nun entertained by monks is terrified The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Jan 2019
Ivanka, to Donald Jr.
Ivanka, to Tiffany USA Today 14 Dec 2018
Nurse, among sharks, is terrifying The Sun Two Speed 27 Nov 2018
Relative from Totnes is terse The Sun Two Speed 16 Nov 2018
Nurse or nun The Sun Two Speed 16 Nov 2018
Careerists dismiss care of family member Irish Times Crosaire 15 Nov 2018
Rest is ordered for relative Irish Times Crosaire 30 Oct 2018
Order member Universal 27 Oct 2018
Anne Brontë, to Emily The Washington Post 20 Aug 2018
Clio, to Erato USA Today 11 Aug 2018
Nun's nun Universal 18 Jul 2018
Nurse in Moorfields is terrific The Sun Two Speed 10 Jul 2018
In same class as relative The Sun Two Speed 29 May 2018
No wall in stairwells or in the abbey Irish Times Crosaire 24 May 2018
Resist (anag.) The Telegraph Quick 14 May 2018
Khloe or Kourtney, to Kim USA Today 29 Mar 2018
The Muses similar to those in 6 down Irish Times Crosaire 24 Feb 2018
Outsiders reject duo from the family Irish Times Crosaire 25 Jan 2018
A relative The Telegraph Quick 22 Jan 2018
Nurse, nun and sibling Irish Times Simplex 18 Dec 2017
Lisa, to Bart Thomas Joseph 05 Oct 2017
One in an order The Washington Post Sunday 24 Sep 2017
Nun or sibling Irish Times Simplex 11 May 2017
Only out of storylines in the hospital Irish Times Crosaire 08 Mar 2017
Malia, to Sasha USA Today 23 Feb 2017
Resist mixing up one of the relatives Irish Times Crosaire 01 Feb 2017
Many a maid of honor New York Times 07 Jan 2017
Zsa Zsa, to Eva LA Times Daily 31 Oct 2016
Many a bridesmaid LA Times Daily 14 Sep 2016
Female family member Newsday 15 Aug 2016
Family girl The Washington Post 11 Aug 2016
Convent resident The Washington Post 29 Apr 2016
Gretel, to Hansel Newsday 31 Mar 2016
Nun USA Today 03 Feb 2016
Relation in mathematics is terrible The Sun Two Speed 24 Dec 2015
Female relation The Sun Two Speed 24 Dec 2015
Maid of honor, often New York Times 18 Sep 2015
Electra, to Orestes Wall Street Journal 01 Jun 2015
Resist being corrupted by family member The Telegraph Cryptic 02 May 2015
Nurse, nun or relative Irish Times Simplex 12 Mar 2015
Is raised by practically strict nun The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Jan 2015
Order member, perhaps
Gretel, to Hansel
Title for a nun
One with a habit
'87 Sonic Youth album
Certain sibling
Nun, to a nun
Orderly type?
Woman with vows
"You said it, ___!"
Family member
Moon Unit, to Dweezil
96-Across, for one
Woman with a habit?
Phoebe, to Mnemosyne
Sorority member
Rock's Twisted __
Nun, to another nun
Wimpled woman
Ann, to Abby
A next of kin
Wimple wearer
Artemis, to Apollo
Rock band Twisted ___
Dreiser's Carrie, e.g.
Bridesmaid, often
Sob ___
Order title
Kind of ship
Vanessa, to Lynn
Mother superior's charge
Devoted feminist
Abby, to Ann
"Two Mules for __ Sara"
Aunt's accompanying relationship
____ Carrie : Dreiser novel
Woman with a cause
Cordelia, to Goneril
Vowed woman
*1990's sitcom
"Little ___" (1961 Elvis song)
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