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Crossword Clues for SKED

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Clue Source Date
TV exec's plan Universal 20 Oct 2020
Itinerary, for short Newsday 09 Sep 2020
Music festival lineup, for short USA Today 06 Oct 2019
Timetable, for short Wall Street Journal 17 Sep 2019
LAX posting The Washington Post 15 Sep 2019
Slated events, in brief New York Times 23 Jul 2019
RR depot posting The Washington Post 09 Jul 2019
Music festival itinerary, for short USA Today 17 Jun 2019
Depot posting, informally USA Today 09 Jun 2019
Show lineup, informally USA Today 02 Jun 2019
Brief timetable The Washington Post Sunday 14 Apr 2019
Event list, briefly Newsday 31 Mar 2019
TV mag listing USA Today 30 Mar 2019
Short timetable? Jonesin 26 Mar 2019
TV lineup USA Today 24 Feb 2019
Station posting, for short USA Today 15 Jan 2019
Depot posting, for short USA Today 29 Dec 2018
Event plan, briefly USA Today 19 Jul 2018
Timetable, informally The Washington Post Sunday 15 Jul 2018
Dr.'s hours, e.g The Washington Post 08 Jul 2018
Agenda, informally Newsday 08 Jul 2018
Depot listing, informally USA Today 19 May 2018
Working arrangement, for short New York Times 14 Apr 2018
RR station posting The Washington Post 10 Apr 2018
Listing of ETAs and ETDs USA Today 11 Feb 2018
What's happening and when, informally New York Times 09 Jan 2018
Dr.'s hours, e.g.
Listing of activities, briefly USA Today 13 Dec 2017
Terminal listing, informally USA Today 03 Dec 2017
Programming chart, informally Wall Street Journal 12 Oct 2017
List of appts The Washington Post 19 Sep 2017
Short itinerary? The Washington Post 27 Jul 2017
Plan, for short New York Times 21 Jul 2017
Tube lineup (Abbr.) USA Today 09 Jul 2017
69-Across list of games, briefly The Washington Post 22 May 2017
List of events, casually USA Today 12 Mar 2017
Timetable, briefly Newsday 22 Feb 2017
Prog. listing The Washington Post 08 Jan 2017
List of appts.
Programmer's creation, for short Wall Street Journal 24 Dec 2016
Program listing, for short USA Today 02 Dec 2016
Station posting, briefly Jonesin 08 Nov 2016
Short agenda? LA Times Daily 07 Sep 2016
Program listings, briefly New York Times 09 Aug 2016
TV Guide listing, for short USA Today 28 Jul 2016
TV Guide chart, for short New York Times 10 May 2016
Program listing, informally USA Today 25 Apr 2016
Depot posting, casually USA Today 29 Mar 2016
JFK listing Wall Street Journal 16 Mar 2016
Lineup 121-Down: Abbr Premier Sunday 29 Nov 2015
TV listings, informally New York Times 21 Jul 2015
Slate, briefly LA Times Daily 18 Apr 2015
Lineup 121-Down: Abbr.
Airline listing, for short
Tube lineup
Calendar list, briefly
TV Guide info
Short timetable
Programmer's chart, informally
Lineup, briefly
Big TV announcement, informally
R.R. timetable
Program listing, briefly
Slate, for short
List of events, briefly
It's full of slots, briefly
Printout for a new student, informally
Agenda, for short
Slot holder, for short
Convention handout, for short
TV-mag listing
List of games, briefly
TV exec's concern
Timetable informally,
List with slots, casually
TV table?
Program director's timetable, briefly
Piece of Variety news
Bus-station posting, familiarly
Short hours of operation?
TV lineup, for short
Bus-station posting, for short
Slate, informally
It may say "TBA"
TV listing
ETA/ETD list
Programmer's chart, in brief
TV exec's work
Short plan?
Brief plan
Bus station handout, for short
Flt. table
Plan, briefly
Listing, à la Variety
ETA source
TV listings
Airline offering short flights?
Calendar a la Variety
Short list?
Variety listing
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.