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Crossword Clues for SLING

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Clue Source Date
Hurl The Telegraph Quick 28 Sep 2020
Injured-arm support Newsday 17 Aug 2020
Support for an injured arm USA Today 02 Apr 2020
Support for a cast ... or 57-Across, after 70-/71-Across? Universal 28 Nov 2019
David's weapon The Washington Post 19 Nov 2019
Support for a broken arm Newsday 01 Jul 2019
Sweet cocktail Wall Street Journal 09 Apr 2019
Throw gin-based drink The Sun Two Speed 08 Apr 2019
Arm support The Sun Two Speed 08 Apr 2019
Spill beans about large weapon The Sun Two Speed 03 Mar 2019
David's launcher Newsday 17 Feb 2019
Weapon in 1 Samuel The Washington Post Sunday 03 Feb 2019
See 37-Across New York Times 09 Jan 2019
Injured-arm supporter Premier Sunday 30 Dec 2018
Cast replacement New York Times 26 Dec 2018
David's stone launcher USA Today 23 Dec 2018
Throw, fling The Times Concise 20 Dec 2018
Gin drink Thomas Joseph 04 Oct 2018
Gin cocktail Wall Street Journal 11 Sep 2018
Injured arm supporter Universal 21 Jan 2018
It might be supporting a cast New York Times 02 Nov 2017
Kind of drink with which one might get stoned The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Mar 2017
Armrest? The Washington Post 28 Jan 2017
Apr rhyme for ''fling'' Newsday 29 Sep 2016
Throw, as mud Universal 08 Apr 2016
Catapult Irish Times Simplex 29 Mar 2016
Medical support LA Times Daily 25 Dec 2015
Broken arm supporter Universal 23 Dec 2015
Simple weapon; throw The Times Concise 11 Nov 2015
Cast supporter Newsday 27 Jun 2015
David's device
It keeps the cast in place
Rock launcher
Arm supporter
David's weapon against Goliath
Broken arm support
Sweet gin drink
Type of stabilizer
Weapon that uses centrifugal force
Injured arm's support
Supporting loop
Support for a limb, perhaps
Biblical weapon
Cast carrier, sometimes
It supports the cast
Primitive weapon
*Y-shaped item
Verb for mud
First-aid article
"___ Blade" (Thornton film)
Kind of shot
Definitely no arm-twister
Device for hurling stones
Shot propeller
Broken arm protector
Stone launcher
Arm rest?
Cast support
Arm holder
Propel, as mud
"___ Blade" (Thornton drama)
Giant killer
Broken-arm holder
Throw sideways
Weapon aimed at Goliath
David's weapon, in the Bible
Broken arm holder
Support device
Cast carrier
Arm's control?
David used one against Goliath
Cast or cast supporter
Cast supporter?
Hoisting device
Throw around
Hurler's toss
First aid measure
Rifle strap
Paserine bird
Missile launcher
First-aid contrivance
Arm band
Throw, as hash
What David wielded
Type of shot
Singapore ___ (cocktail)
Singapore ___ (gin drink)
Singapore ___ (bar drink)
Arm décor in a ski lodge
Broken-arm décor
Primitive weapon.
David's weapon.
Ancient missile launcher.
___ shot.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.