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Crossword Clues for SMACK

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Clue Source Date
Kiss New York Times 25 Oct 2020
Hit hard The Washington Post 19 Oct 2020
Lips sound The Washington Post 16 Sep 2020
Noisy kiss Eugene Sheffer 23 Nov 2019
Kiss or clout Wall Street Journal 26 Oct 2019
Slap Universal 27 Sep 2019
Heavy slap The Sun Two Speed 09 May 2019
Axe catches Mike in hit The Sun Two Speed 09 May 2019
Loud kiss Universal 13 Feb 2019
Buss Wall Street Journal 05 Jan 2019
Sound made by the lips
Strike open-handedly Universal 12 Apr 2018
Big wet one The Washington Post 05 Oct 2017
More than a peck The Washington Post 25 Aug 2017
Buss relative Universal 09 Aug 2017
Kiss noise Premier Sunday 23 Apr 2017
Slap sound Newsday 16 Oct 2016
Kiss sound Universal 19 Jul 2016
Big kiss New York Times 16 Mar 2016
Directly Wall Street Journal 02 Jan 2016
Loud slap Newsday 27 May 2015
Talk ___ New York Times 17 Jan 2015
Hit with an open hand
Akon "___ That"
Trash talk
Strike sharply
Kissing sound
Impact sound
Certain sound from the lips
___ dab in the middle
Suggest the presence (of)
Act of love, or hostility
Kiss, slangily
Sign of love or rejection
Lip sound
Big blow
Audible kiss
Kiss, so to speak
Great big kiss
Kiss of sorts
Sign of love … or rejection
Sharp hit
__-dab (squarely)
Loud lip noise
Give a noisy kiss
Juicy kiss
With 35 Down, "in the middle" descriptor
Kiss loudly
Be suggestive
Fresh guy's due
Hit or kiss
Punch or kiss
Audible osculation
Hit with a hand
___-dab (squarely)
Fishing boat
King-size kiss
Sign of love - or hate
Noisy osculation
___-dab (right on)
Slight suggestion
Fishing vessel
Fishing vessel.
Slight taste.
Distinctive flavor.
Fishing sloop.
Fishing boat.
Slapstick blow.
A small fishing vessel.
A resounding slap.
[You pig!]
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.