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Crossword Clues for SONGS

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Clue Source Date
Ditties Thomas Joseph 26 Oct 2020
Serenades perhaps, and kisses with no upset The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Sep 2020
"Look Alive" and "Stayin' Alive" Universal 26 Aug 2020
Airs The Washington Post 17 Jul 2020
Karaoke choices Universal 13 Apr 2020
"Trap Queen" and "Dancing Queen" Universal 26 Sep 2019
Quotation continues Canadiana 09 Sep 2019
Numbers Wall Street Journal 04 Sep 2019
Karaoke performances Jonesin 30 Apr 2019
Schnittke initially talking about G&S arias The Telegraph Toughie 23 Apr 2019
Seal tracks, e.g.
Tunes that are performed Newsday 15 Oct 2018
Many are hits The Washington Post 13 Oct 2018
Balladeer's repertoire Newsday 07 Jun 2018
Tunes Newsday 24 Apr 2018
iTunes downloads Eugene Sheffer 17 Feb 2018
'ABC' and 'SOS' Wall Street Journal 24 Jan 2018
Smartphone downloads The Washington Post 11 Nov 2017
Choir's repertoire Newsday 08 Oct 2017
Billy Joel creations The Washington Post 02 Oct 2017
Cast album contents Wall Street Journal 19 Jun 2017
Musical compositions with words Irish Times Simplex 03 Jun 2017
Some tracks New York Times 26 May 2017
Numbers of offspring swigging gallons! The Times Cryptic 20 Feb 2017
Digital library collection Newsday 09 Feb 2017
Things for the choir Universal 06 Feb 2017
Tracks on an album Universal 26 Dec 2016
Musical compositions Newsday 20 Nov 2016
Numbers from Berlin Newsday 19 Nov 2016
Pandora selections Wall Street Journal 12 Nov 2016
Karaoke selections Eugene Sheffer 29 Oct 2016
Schumann works Newsday 24 Sep 2016
Top 40 listings LA Times Daily 01 Aug 2016
Hymnal contents Newsday 17 Jul 2016
Medley makeup The Washington Post 17 Jun 2016
Spotify stream Wall Street Journal 07 May 2016
Many hits LA Times Daily 10 Jan 2016
Choral performances Newsday 06 Oct 2015
Berlin products USA Today 11 Jul 2015
Paul McCartney "Silly Love ___"
iPod contents, usually
Some hits
Singles and jingles
Certain tracks
Album cuts
Top 40 numbers
Barbershop quartet's repertoire
Hymns, e.g.
Fake-book material
Choral program
Troubadour's repertoire
Tin Pan Alley output
Numbers in a concert
Band's repertoire
64 Across' repertoire
What a writer provides
Musical numbers
This puzzle's theme entries
Fake-book contents
Troubadour's inventory
Chorus repertoire
Balladeer's renditions
Mp3 downloads
Top 40's 40
Top 40 entries
Cabaret material
Billboard listings
Barbershop quartet numbers
Fake book contents
"Yesterday" and "Tomorrow"
Troubadour's stock
Numbers on Broadway
iPod contents
Schubert gems
Chanteuse's offerings
iPod fill
They may be called numbers
Napster downloads
"Kansas City" and "Philadelphia"
Solomon's pieces
Noted presentations?
Crooner's repertoire
Numbers with words
Melodies for voices
Berlin's forte
Berlin output
Some popular numbers
Revue material
"Yesterday" and "Tomorrow," e.g.
Gershwin creations
Products from Berlin
Blake's '-- of Innocence'
Album tracks
Choir selections
Numbers with notes
The 40 in a "top 40"
Rocker's repertoire
Campaign ___
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.