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Crossword Clues for SOSAD

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Clue Source Date
"What a pity" LA Times Daily 23 Oct 2020
'What a pity' The Washington Post 23 Oct 2020
“What a pity!” Wall Street Journal 08 Oct 2020
"What a shame" LA Times Daily 21 Sep 2020
'What a shame' The Washington Post 21 Sep 2020
"What a pity!" Universal 11 Jun 2020
“Alas!” Wall Street Journal 25 Apr 2020
"What a shame!" Universal 18 Apr 2020
Tragic The New Yorker 16 Mar 2020
"Terrible, just terrible"
Words after "too bad" Universal 05 Jan 2020
'Alas' Jonesin 09 Jul 2019
'What a tragedy' USA Today 25 Jun 2019
''Such a pity!'' Newsday 11 Apr 2019
"So sad!" (Universal Crossword, 4/1/19) Universal 01 Apr 2019
"What a tragedy" LA Times Daily 16 Mar 2019
Post-fiasco comment Newsday 09 Mar 2019
'That's unfortunate' The Washington Post 29 Dec 2018
"That's unfortunate" LA Times Daily 29 Dec 2018
'Such a pity' The Washington Post 23 Dec 2018
"Such a pity" LA Times Daily 23 Dec 2018
''A shame'' Newsday 18 Nov 2018
'How tragic' New York Times 24 Oct 2018
'What a pity!' Wall Street Journal 13 Oct 2018
'That's a shame' USA Today 23 Aug 2018
'Alas!' The Washington Post 09 May 2018
"Alas!" LA Times Daily 09 May 2018
"It just might break your heart" The New Yorker 07 May 2018
'I feel your pain' The Washington Post 23 Mar 2018
"I feel your pain" LA Times Daily 23 Mar 2018
"That's a shame"
"How tragic"
'That's terrible!' Wall Street Journal 18 Jul 2017
''What a shame!'' Newsday 13 Jun 2017
"Such a tragedy" Universal 20 May 2017
''What a bummer'' Newsday 01 Jan 2017
'What a shame!' The Washington Post 27 Aug 2016
''Bummer'' Newsday 27 Aug 2016
'Such a pity!' Wall Street Journal 23 Jun 2016
Post-tragedy comment New York Times 18 Mar 2016
'What a tragedy!' New York Times 07 Feb 2016
"What a tragedy!"
'Oh, that's a shame' New York Times 08 Dec 2015
''That's a shame'' Newsday 09 Nov 2015
'More's the pity' New York Times 17 Sep 2015
'Such a shame' New York Times 01 Jul 2015
'It brings tears to my eyes' New York Times 14 Jun 2015
'It pains me to hear that' New York Times 18 May 2015
Mighty Mighty Bosstones "___ to Say"
"Such a shame"
"Oh, that's a shame"
"More's the pity"
"It pains me to hear that"
"It brings tears to my eyes"
Song with the lyric "It breaks my heart to see us part"
"A pity!"
"Sorry to hear that"
Enough to make you cry
"Just terrible"
Lament after a loss, maybe
"My heart bleeds"
"'Tis a pity"
"That's terrible!"
1960 Everly Brothers hit
'Such a tragedy'
"I feel for you"
"That's terrible"
Truly tragic
"A pity"
Everly Brothers single
1960 Everlys hit
Repeated words in McCartney's "Another Day"
Words with "too bad"
"Too bad, ___"
"It's a pity"
Everly Brothers hit
1960 Everly Brothers tune
Everly Brothers hit subtitled "To Watch Good Love Go Bad"
"How unfortunate!"
Start of an Everly Brothers hit
Part of an Everly Brothers hit
"Tis a pity!'
1960 hit by the Everly Brothers
Enough to make one cry
"Sometimes she feels ___" (McCartney lyric)
Repeated in McCartney's "Another Day"
Echoed words in the song "Another Day"
Teary 1960 Everly Brothers hit
"Don't look __" ("Smile")
1960 hit for the Everly Brothers
"Why look you ____?"
"Where's the Kleenex?"
"What a bummer"
"That sucks"
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