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Crossword Clues for SPARTA

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Clue Source Date
Ancient Greek city noted for its austerity Irish Times Simplex 12 Feb 2020
Ancient city quarter in South Africa The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Feb 2020
Role taken in South Africa's ancient city The Sun Two Speed 31 Dec 2019
Greek city state The Sun Two Speed 31 Dec 2019
Peloponnesian War victor The Washington Post 15 Dec 2019
Military state to argue against being taken over after evacuation The Telegraph Toughie 04 Oct 2019
Military hub of ancient Greece The Guardian Speedy 30 Jun 2019
Enemy of ancient Athens The Washington Post 04 Jun 2019
Ancient foe of Athens USA Today 28 May 2019
Salvation Army holds region in ancient city The Sun Two Speed 06 Apr 2019
State whose dominance of southern Greece was ended by the battle of Leuctra in 371BC The Times Specialist Sunday 03 Feb 2019
Rival of Athens, region in South Africa The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jan 2019
Leonidas's kingdom
Ancient capital of Laconia New York Times 16 Dec 2018
City-state that won the Peloponnesian War Wall Street Journal 06 Nov 2018
Ancient rival of Athens USA Today 11 Oct 2018
Old Athens foe Universal 10 Oct 2018
Ancient Peloponnesian state The Washington Post 04 Oct 2018
Rival of Athens Thomas Joseph 24 Sep 2018
Athens rival Thomas Joseph 22 Sep 2018
Ancient city region in South Africa The Sun Two Speed 08 Aug 2018
Ancient Greek city The Times Concise 04 Jul 2018
"300" city Universal 11 May 2018
'This is ___!' ('300' line) Jonesin 27 Feb 2018
Capital of department of Laconia in southern Peloponnese, Greece The Telegraph General Knowledge 25 Feb 2018
Agiad dynasty's domain The Washington Post Sunday 14 Jan 2018
Ancient city, not all in South Africa The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Jan 2018
Ancient land known in antiquity as Lacedaemon New York Times 28 Dec 2017
Spring to retweet answer from old city state Irish Times Crosaire 30 Oct 2017
Athens' ancient rival Newsday 09 Jul 2017
Old Greek city state The Guardian Quick 31 Mar 2017
Practise fighting soldiers: no comfort here The Times Cryptic 22 Mar 2017
Ancient enemy of Athens Newsday 02 Mar 2017
A carriage's overturned in old city The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Feb 2017
Role in Salvation Army in austere city The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Nov 2016
Old Athens enemy LA Times Daily 12 Jun 2016
Peloponnesian War side LA Times Daily 09 Apr 2016
Conqueror of Athens USA Today 02 Apr 2016
Athens' ancient enemy Newsday 13 Dec 2015
Ancient Greek state New York Times 11 Dec 2015
Loser at Thermopylae Newsday 01 Aug 2015
City once second division -- third in league The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Jul 2015
Ancient city�s sculpture found in spring The Telegraph Toughie 14 Jul 2015
Ancient Laconian state LA Times Daily 12 Jun 2015
Realm of Menelaus Premier Sunday 17 May 2015
Home of the 300 in the film '300' New York Times 17 May 2015
Ancient military hub Universal 20 Mar 2015
Side in the Peloponnesian War New York Times 15 Mar 2015
Ancient city: leave, having gone into it The Times Cryptic 11 Feb 2015
Dispute article about time in ancient city The Times Cryptic 03 Feb 2015
Noted ancient Greek city USA Today 04 Jan 2015
Home of the 300 in the film "300"
Ancient Athens rival
Domain of King Tyndareus
Peloponnesian War city-state
Menelaus' kingdom
Ancient Greek city-state
Enemy of Athens, at one time
Ancient Greek military power
Leonidas's land
Corinthian War participant
"In the Heat of the Night" city
Athens' rival of yore
Peloponnesian War winner
Enemy of Athens in the Peloponnesian War
Enemy of Athens
Thermopylae defender
Home of the 300 in "300"
Winner of the Peloponnesian War
Dominant city of Greece, once
Leonidas' kingdom
"In the Heat of the Night" setting
Peloponnesian power
Ancient Athens foe
"300" side
City-state involved in the Peloponnesian War
Filmdom's "In the Heat of the Night" city
Athens' rival of old
What the 300 defended
Aggressive ancient city-state
Old rival of Athens
Old Athenian ally against Persia
Martial state
Lysander commanded its fleet
Mississippi town in "In the Heat of the Night"
Peloponnesian city
Peloponnesian stronghold
Peloponnesian League home
City-state ruled by King Leonidas
Laconia's capital
"In the Heat of the Night" town
Capital of ancient Laconia
Foe of Athens
Ancient city-state
Militaristic city-state
City in ancient Greece
Ancient Greece city-state
Where helots toiled
City attacked by Cleon
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