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Crossword Clues for SPOON

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Clue Source Date
Piece of cutlery Irish Times Simplex 15 Oct 2020
Eating utensil USA Today 08 Aug 2020
One might be slotted Universal 04 Aug 2020
Ice cream utensil Eugene Sheffer 16 Jun 2020
Yogurt utensil Wall Street Journal 02 Apr 2020
See 21 Across The Telegraph Toughie 20 Mar 2020
Utensil for oatmeal Newsday 02 Mar 2020
Power in early woodenheaded golf club The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Feb 2020
Cutlery item The Telegraph Quick 09 Feb 2020
Item of cutlery The Times Concise 21 Dec 2019
Coffee stirrer Thomas Joseph 07 Dec 2019
'Hey Diddle Diddle' runaway New York Times 13 Aug 2019
Flatware item USA Today 25 Jul 2019
Creme brulee utensil Universal 28 May 2019
Nestle New York Times 26 May 2019
Item in a stirring picture? Family Time 17 Mar 2019
Piece of flatware Newsday 10 Mar 2019
Greasy ____ ( Slang for an inferior eating place ) Canadiana 18 Feb 2019
Cuddle, in a way USA Today 08 Jan 2019
"Hey Diddle Diddle" runaway
See 19 Across The Telegraph Toughie 23 Nov 2018
Tea stirrer Thomas Joseph 19 Nov 2018
'Woo' in 'wood' The Telegraph Toughie 14 Aug 2018
Bowl go-with Universal 08 Jun 2018
Lad outside Post Office is stirrer The Sun Two Speed 01 Jun 2018
Kiss and cuddle The Sun Two Speed 01 Jun 2018
Kiss and cuddle in club The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Apr 2018
Old-fashioned golf club with a slightly hollowed face The Times Specialist Sunday 24 Dec 2017
Dish's runaway partner, in rhyme USA Today 30 Sep 2017
Ice cream shop freebie Jonesin 05 Sep 2017
Do a little cuddling New York Times 10 Aug 2017
Wading bird cutting bill in feeder The Times Cryptic 15 May 2017
Setting item Thomas Joseph 13 Apr 2017
Stirring utensil Universal 05 Apr 2017
Soup utensil Newsday 03 Apr 2017
Soup eater's utensil Newsday 30 Jan 2017
It can create quite a stir Universal 27 Jan 2017
Fishing lure USA Today 31 Dec 2016
Soup-eating utensil LA Times Daily 14 Nov 2016
Soup eater's need Eugene Sheffer 01 Nov 2016
Implement for eating 14-Across New York Times 16 Aug 2016
Eloper of rhyme Newsday 31 Jul 2016
Aid in a stirring experience LA Times Daily 05 Jun 2016
It stirs things up Wall Street Journal 26 Mar 2016
Part of a stirring experience? The Washington Post 24 Mar 2016
Cereal utensil Newsday 04 Jan 2016
Setting piece Wall Street Journal 05 Nov 2015
Cereal eater's implement USA Today 21 Oct 2015
Bit of flatware
Wobbly fishing lure
Part of a place setting
Piece of silver
Dish's companion in flight
Skimming utensil
Melon eater's implement
Soup __
This causes quite a stir
"Kill the Moonlight" band
Gazpacho eater's need
Baby food utensil
"... dish ran away with the ___"
Alt rock Texans, inspired by cutlery?
Sugar stirrer
Ladle cousin
Word after table or tea
Dish's running mate?
Yogurt shop freebie
Flatware piece
Mess-kit item
The dish's running mate?
Cereal eater's need
Small whirlpool cause
What the dish ran away with, in "Hey Diddle Diddle"
Squash-eating implement
It's traditionally placed to the right of the knife
Snuggle together, in a way
It can produce quite a stir
It can create a stir
Dish's running partner
Dish's fellow elopee
Be amorous, in a way
Lie to one's lover?
Cereal-eating implement
Runaway of rhyme
Sundae eater's need
Dish's beloved, in rhyme
Silverware piece
Snuggle in bed, say
Dish's companion
"__ River Anthology"
Golfer's No. 3 wood
It fled with the dish
Ice-cream utensil
Dish accompanier of rhyme
Ice cream parlor utensil
Three wood
After tea or table
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.