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Crossword Clues for SQUEAK

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Clue Source Date
High-pitched sound The Telegraph Quick 05 Nov 2020
Mouse sound Eugene Sheffer 23 Oct 2020
The smallest amount give a high-pitched cry The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Oct 2020
Mouse's cry The Times Concise 03 Sep 2020
Content of bisque? A kitchen-maid's to tell The Telegraph Toughie 27 Mar 2020
High-pitched, screeching noise Irish Times Simplex 30 Apr 2019
Bubble and — The Times Concise 13 Nov 2018
Short, high-pitched sound Irish Times Simplex 02 May 2018
Sound of a mouse The Times Concise 21 Nov 2017
Short shrill cry or high-pitched noise The Telegraph General Knowledge 01 Oct 2017
Sign of an old door The Washington Post Sunday 24 Sep 2017
High-pitched cry The Times Concise 08 Aug 2017
Mouse's sound Newsday 30 May 2017
Close shave — shrill sound The Guardian Quick 24 Dec 2016
During burlesque, a keen one takes peep The Telegraph Cryptic 26 May 2015
Tiny complaint
Barely get (by)
Mousy noise
Shopping cart irritation
Call for oil?
Sound from a mouse
Be mousy?
WD-40 target
Oil target
Sign of a brake problem
12 Down sound
Office chair problem, perhaps
Grating sound
Office chair problem
Need lubrication, maybe
Need oiling
Oil's ole?
Shrill noise
Shrill cry
Eerie noise.
Succeed narrowly (with "through").
Shrill sound.
Narrow ___.
Sharp, shrill sound.
Short shrill cry.
Voice of Mickey Mouse.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.