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Crossword Clues for STAVE

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Clue Source Date
___ off (prevent) USA Today 14 Oct 2020
Ward (off) LA Times Daily 06 Oct 2020
Barrel piece Thomas Joseph 08 Sep 2020
Barrel component The Washington Post 23 Aug 2020
Barrel strip Eugene Sheffer 09 Jun 2020
Prevent, with ''off'' Newsday 15 Apr 2020
__ off (keep from happening) Newsday 13 Apr 2020
Hold (off) The New Yorker 20 Jan 2020
Fend (off) Premier Sunday 17 Nov 2019
___ off (avert) The Washington Post Sunday 29 Sep 2019
Trump initially brought in to cut back staff The Sun Two Speed 15 Aug 2019
Musical grid The Sun Two Speed 15 Aug 2019
Strip of a barrel Newsday 07 Jul 2019
Repel, with ''off'' Newsday 31 Mar 2019
Staff in more ways than one The Telegraph Toughie 07 Nov 2018
Barrel part USA Today 01 Oct 2018
Cask component USA Today 29 Sep 2018
Cooper's piece Wall Street Journal 22 Aug 2018
Barrel slat Premier Sunday 25 Mar 2018
System of five horizontal lines in written music Irish Times Simplex 03 Feb 2018
Avert, with 'off' The Washington Post 08 Jan 2017
Avoid, with "off" LA Times Daily 08 Nov 2016
A vet's arranged place for notes The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Jul 2016
Repel, with "off" USA Today 30 Jun 2016
Wooden pail part New York Times 02 Jan 2016
Barrel support LA Times Daily 09 Dec 2015
Stick to five lines The Sun Two Speed 02 Dec 2015
Lines for writing music The Sun Two Speed 02 Dec 2015
The lines on which music is written The Times Concise 13 Aug 2015
Forestall, with 'off' New York Times 26 Apr 2015
__ off (avert) Newsday 06 Apr 2015
Forestall, with "off"
Barrel rib
Avert, with "off"
___ off (forestall)
Part of a barrel
__ off (forestall)
Barrel board
Fight (off)
Prevent, with "off"
Avert (with "off")
Song verse
Cask slat
Barrel bracer
__ off (repel)
Cooper's part
Cask part
Strip of the barrel
It takes notes
Barrel element
Wood strip
Feature of 21 Across
Cask element
Fend off
___ off: forestall
Cooper's board
Part of the cask
Cooper's material
Vat slat
Smash inward
See 30 Across
Barrel constituent
Keg part
Break up
Poetic stanza
Friar Tuck's cudgel
Rung, for one
Set of verses
Crush inward
Ladder rung
Part of a cask
Poem part
Part of poem
Part of a poem
Chair rung
Ward (off).
Part of a keg.
Musical division.
Part of a cask.
Set of verses.
Break up or in.
Ladder rung.
Barrel part.
Poem part.
Lines on which music is written.
Ladder bar.
Set of verses, as a stanza.
Stick of wood.
Part of a barrel.
Cudgel for Robin Hood.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.