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Crossword Clues for STAYS

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Clue Source Date
Hangs around USA Today 25 Mar 2020
Corset parts Canadiana 25 Nov 2019
Remains Eugene Sheffer 23 Nov 2019
Doesn't leave Newsday 13 Nov 2019
Halts The Washington Post 09 Nov 2019
Doesn't take off Newsday 13 Oct 2019
Remains; corset The Telegraph Quick 21 Aug 2019
Collar inserts The Washington Post 29 May 2019
Doesn't go Premier Sunday 19 May 2019
Motel 6 visits The Washington Post 28 Apr 2019
Hotel sojourns New York Times 27 Feb 2019
Lingers Newsday 17 Jan 2019
Doesn't run Wall Street Journal 14 Nov 2018
Goes nowhere USA Today 13 Nov 2018
Hotel visits Newsday 28 Oct 2018
Corsets that have been stiffened The Telegraph General Knowledge 22 Jul 2018
Steamship round river doesn't leave The Sun Two Speed 02 Jul 2018
Sticks around Newsday 05 Mar 2018
Doesn't bail out USA Today 15 Jan 2018
Collar stiffeners USA Today 02 Jan 2018
Foundation remains The Telegraph Toughie 15 Nov 2017
Inmates' reprieves USA Today 13 Sep 2017
Hangs in there USA Today 05 Aug 2017
Corset stiffeners The Washington Post 09 May 2017
Spans at hotels The Chronicle of Higher Education 28 Apr 2017
Legal postponements Newsday 31 Mar 2017
Judicial suspensions The Chronicle of Higher Education 10 Mar 2017
Doesn't exit Premier Sunday 25 Dec 2016
Death row reprieves The Washington Post 23 Nov 2016
Lingers on The Washington Post 20 Oct 2016
Checks foundation garments The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Aug 2016
Boards, lodges The Telegraph Quick 29 Aug 2016
Corset The Telegraph Quick 08 Aug 2016
Is a no-go? USA Today 20 Jul 2016
Doesn't fold, say New York Times 23 Jun 2016
Doesn't budge Thomas Joseph 15 Jun 2016
Tarries Newsday 22 Apr 2016
Does not leave USA Today 16 Feb 2016
Doesn't split Wall Street Journal 09 Feb 2016
Suppresses one's wanderlust USA Today 04 Feb 2016
Doesn't fold USA Today 12 Dec 2015
Puts up with restrictive garments The Telegraph Toughie 29 Sep 2015
Stopovers LA Times Daily 28 Aug 2015
Doesn't dash off Universal 16 Aug 2015
Remains; support wires The Times Concise 24 Jul 2015
Goes no farther Eugene Sheffer 16 May 2015
Backstreet Boys "My Heart ___ With You"
Is an obedient dog, in a way
Wears out one's welcome
Judge's orders
Remains behind
Corset features
Toby Keith "___ in Mexico"
Some court orders
Legal orders
Inn visits
What an obedient dog does on command
Inn season visits
Ignores one's wanderlust
Remains, as on the charts
Is conservative in blackjack, say
They might be executed by a judge
___ the course (perseveres)
Doesn't depart
Hangs out
Remains for the day
Gallows reprieves
Holds back
They might give you a stiff neck
Corset inserts
What an obedient dog does, sometimes
Doesn't say "hit me"
Good news for some prisoners
Certain stiffeners
Sticks it out
Judges' orders
Grandma's corset
Support wires
Last-minute calls to death row
Corset, to a Brit
Stiffeners of a kind
Extends a visit
Court postponements
Hostel visits
Is a good dog, in a way
Collar supports
Collar holders
Judicial orders
Doesn't wander
Spends the night
Remains (with)
Corset supports
Mast supports
Shows the obedience school money was well spent
Is a good dog, perhaps
Court orders
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.