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Crossword Clues for STUDS

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Clue Source Date
Building supports New York Times 17 Oct 2020
Fancy buttons Thomas Joseph 29 Aug 2020
Beefcakes New York Times 03 Aug 2020
Small earrings Newsday 21 Apr 2020
Unshowy earrings The New Yorker 17 Feb 2020
Hot guys Universal 02 Sep 2019
Wall supports Universal 02 Jul 2019
Virile dudes The Washington Post 13 Jun 2019
Some tuxedo fasteners USA Today 15 Oct 2018
Accents to tuxedos New York Times 23 Sep 2018
Drywall supports USA Today 10 Jun 2018
What a certain tool is designed to find Newsday 19 May 2018
Ornate buttons Newsday 06 May 2018
Earlobe ornaments Wall Street Journal 21 Mar 2018
Tux accessories The Washington Post Sunday 18 Feb 2018
Wall-frame timbers Newsday 14 Jan 2018
Punk jacket ornaments Newsday 21 Oct 2017
Drywall is attached to them Wall Street Journal 10 Jul 2017
Support timbers Newsday 02 Apr 2017
Tuxedo accessories USA Today 10 Oct 2016
Simple earrings Newsday 05 Oct 2016
Retired Derby winners, perhaps Wall Street Journal 12 Apr 2016
Wall frames USA Today 23 Dec 2015
Basic earrings Newsday 14 Dec 2015
Supports for gypsum boards New York Times 27 Nov 2015
Certain house holders Newsday 28 Aug 2015
Scatters about Newsday 07 Feb 2015
Some retired racehorses
Earring types
Tuxedo accouterments
Some earrings
Pulitzer writer Terkel
Virile guys
Some are ear-piercing
Supports for laths and drywall
Writer Terkel
Snow tire features
Cufflink alternatives
Ear decorations
Former racehorses, often
Macho types
Lobe ornaments
Skid stoppers
Leather jacket ornaments
Wall timbers
Supports for laths
Writer Turkel
Handsome hunks
Valuable horses
Decorates with nailheads
1985 Pulitzer winner Terkel
Tired lugs?
Cuff link alternatives
Author Terkel
Formal buttons
Formalwear accessories
Certain earrings
"Working" author Terkel
Farrell's Lonigan
Lath perpendiculars
Jewelry pieces
Collar fasteners
Author Turkel
Harness features
Formal accessories
Terkel's fasteners?
Dress shirt items
Tuxedo shirt buttons, usually
Wall members
Lonigan or Terkel
Lonigan of literature
Breeding dogs
James T. Farrell hero
Building boards
Ornamental buttons
Decorative nailheads.
Upright beams.
Shirt adjuncts.
Buttonlike devices.
Small knobs.
James T. Farrell's hero.
Hero of James T. Farrell's trilogy.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.