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Crossword Clues for SUPER

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Clue Source Date
Wonderful The Telegraph Quick 11 Oct 2020
Excellent The Times Concise 06 Oct 2020
Great The Telegraph Quick 08 Sep 2020
'Awesome!' New York Times 07 Aug 2020
Really good police officer The Sun Two Speed 04 Aug 2020
Fantastic The Sun Two Speed 04 Aug 2020
Beyond great New York Times 10 May 2020
Outstanding police officer? The Sun Two Speed 16 Feb 2020
Terrific Eugene Sheffer 10 Feb 2020
Outstanding The Telegraph Quick 01 Dec 2019
Peachy fried plums regularly used in turnover The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Jun 2019
Terrific, ace Irish Times Simplex 08 May 2019
First-rate, top-notch Irish Times Simplex 02 Apr 2019
Senior Garda backs agents holding underworld leader Irish Times Crosaire 27 Mar 2019
Oddly smug, for a senior cop The Telegraph Toughie 15 Feb 2019
"Terrific!" Universal 06 Feb 2019
Just swell Universal 30 Jan 2019
'Terrific!' New York Times 21 Jan 2019
'Outstanding!' Wall Street Journal 19 Jan 2019
Tenement worker Thomas Joseph 31 Dec 2018
''Great!'' Newsday 24 Dec 2018
''Awesome!'' Newsday 21 Oct 2018
Adjective for heroes Universal 30 Sep 2018
Fantastic police officer The Sun Two Speed 20 Aug 2018
'Terrif!' Wall Street Journal 28 Jul 2018
Apartment manager, briefly USA Today 11 Mar 2018
'Fantastic!' The Washington Post 05 Feb 2018
"Fantastic!" LA Times Daily 05 Feb 2018
___ Mario Bros. (video game) USA Today 02 Jan 2018
Word that can precede the first parts of 15- and 61-Across and 9- and 27-Down USA Today 28 Dec 2017
"Excellent!" USA Today 09 Dec 2017
Brilliant The Telegraph Quick 14 Nov 2017
Fantastic meal only 1p! The Telegraph Toughie 01 Nov 2017
Capital Wall Street Journal 14 Oct 2017
First-rate Newsday 28 Jan 2017
___ Tuesday (big primary day) USA Today 16 Dec 2016
"Great!" USA Today 17 Sep 2016
Top cop having risen in service, free of imperfection The Times Cryptic 19 Aug 2016
'Neat-o-rific!' New York Times 19 Aug 2016
Like a DC comics "man" Universal 22 Jul 2016
Wicked senior police officer! The Times Cryptic 23 May 2016
"That's great!" USA Today 04 May 2016
Top cop, one petitioning for retention of power The Times Cryptic 22 Apr 2016
Smashing beer, half cut after drink The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Dec 2015
Smashing Wall Street Journal 17 Dec 2015
Great; wonderful The Telegraph Quick 14 Dec 2015
Great to get American backing for each The Sun Two Speed 24 Nov 2015
Top-drawer Newsday 09 Oct 2015
'Great!' Thomas Joseph 01 Oct 2015
Marvellous word for an American caretaker The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Apr 2015
Apartment 1-A resident, often The Chronicle of Higher Education 13 Mar 2015
Word with Sunday or Tuesday
Start of something big?
Like some comic book heroes
Apt. manager
"Natural" starter
Prefix with "model" or "star"
Tuesday preceder, but only in leap years
Apartment 1A resident, perhaps
___ 8
Sitcom's Schneider, for instance
Apartment manager
Tenant tender
Very, in slang
More than great
Just great
Maintenance director
A one, or one living in 1-A
Gasoline grade
Apartment maintainer
Apartment 1-A resident, maybe
__ Glue
Starter for "star" or "power"
See 47-Across
1-A resident, maybe
Apartment house manager
Perky accolade?
A-one, or one living in 1-A, perhaps
Like some models?
Bowl or star preceder
Perky accolade
__ Bowl
Flat fixer
Bowl opening?
Apartment building manager
__ Tuesday
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.