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Crossword Clues for SWEATER

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Clue Source Date
__ weather Newsday 21 Dec 2019
Top salesman's first with consumer The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Nov 2019
That person's far from cool garment The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Jul 2019
Sew tear that's ruined garment The Sun Two Speed 16 May 2019
Pullover The Sun Two Speed 16 May 2019
Jersey The Telegraph Quick 24 Apr 2019
Pullover, perhaps Newsday 18 Nov 2018
Jumper or jersey The Telegraph Quick 11 Nov 2018
Top, one visibly under pressure? The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Oct 2018
Climate not hot after summer's start? Wear this The Telegraph Toughie 13 Sep 2018
Might one be too warm wearing this? The Sun Two Speed 05 Jul 2018
Is one too hot wearing this? The Sun Two Speed 26 May 2018
Warming wear Newsday 20 May 2018
Southern climate -- husband's taken off warm clothing The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Apr 2018
Chichi chihuahua accessory New York Times 16 Jan 2018
Fall wear Universal 22 Oct 2017
Top Cornish apple? The Telegraph Toughie 17 Oct 2017
Jersey: rainier, reportedly, after start of September The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Sep 2017
Jumper The Telegraph Quick 22 Aug 2017
Fraternity man's wear USA Today 14 May 2017
Something to wear in the fall Universal 07 Apr 2017
... is one too hot wearing this? The Times Cryptic 12 Jan 2017
Top one worrying? The Guardian Cryptic 14 Jul 2016
Frat man's wear USA Today 14 Jun 2016
Knitter's creation USA Today 10 May 2016
Signature attire for Archie New York Times 03 Oct 2015
Winter warmer USA Today 16 Sep 2015
Cardigan, e.g USA Today 13 Sep 2015
Cardigan, for one Thomas Joseph 23 Jun 2015
Top choice Newsday 30 May 2015
Skiwear item Newsday 09 Apr 2015
Jumper, as it were, is agitated without one The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Apr 2015
Long-sleeved pullover The Times Concise 18 Feb 2015
High jumper? The Telegraph Toughie 08 Jan 2015
Cardigan, e.g.
Cool weather wear
Woolly pullover
Cardigan or crewneck
Knit pick?
Cosby often wore one on his show
Angora, perhaps
Producer of some beads
Layered-look item
Knitted garment
Person in a sauna
Turtleneck, e.g.
Pullover, e.g.
Place for a letter
Garb for Lana Turner
Cardigan or crew neck
Knitted wrap
Wool that may be pulled over one's eyes?
Sauna user, e.g.
One put away for the summer
Father's Day gift
Popular Christmas gift
A letter may be attached to it
Woolly clothing
Informal garment
Casual wear
Trademark for 64 Across
Outer wear.
Campus wear.
Turtleneck, for example.
Popular garment.
Article of clothing.
Star of starlet's wardrobe.
Knitted jacket.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.