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Crossword Clues for TADPOLE

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Clue Source Date
He's a little froggy Jonesin 01 Sep 2020
Immature creature bit person from Krakow? The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Aug 2020
Little European swimmer in pond? The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Jul 2020
Embryonic frog The Sun Two Speed 22 Jun 2020
Creature prepared to leap round delta The Sun Two Speed 22 Jun 2020
Young beast bit German neighbour The Telegraph Cryptic 01 May 2020
What might ultimately do leap after development? The Sun Two Speed 30 Apr 2020
Immature frog The Sun Two Speed 30 Apr 2020
Larval form The Telegraph Quick 23 Apr 2020
Young animal to leap explosively over delta The Sun Two Speed 12 Mar 2020
Larval frog The Sun Two Speed 12 Mar 2020
This ultimately destined to leap, when developed! The Sun Two Speed 27 Jan 2020
An amphibian larva The Times Specialist Sunday 17 Nov 2019
This might ultimately do leap when developed? The Sun Two Speed 08 Nov 2019
Baby frog Newsday 28 Aug 2019
Animal designed to leap across delta The Sun Two Speed 13 Jun 2019
A little European water creature The Sun Two Speed 06 Apr 2019
Larval amphibian also called a pollywog The Times Specialist Sunday 06 Jan 2019
Frog larva The Times Concise 10 Aug 2018
Future frog Thomas Joseph 20 Jul 2018
'Pre-frog'? The Telegraph Quick 29 Jun 2018
Little European wriggling baby The Telegraph Cryptic 05 May 2018
A little stick for pond dweller The Sun Two Speed 16 Jan 2018
Being not properly developed bit Eastern European The Telegraph Toughie 16 Jan 2018
Frogman trainee, in slang Wall Street Journal 02 Dec 2017
Old tape repaired jumper at an earlier stage The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Apr 2017
Young European with a bit up top The Telegraph Toughie 20 Jan 2017
Story about origins of dashing prince -- one that's turned into a frog? The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Oct 2016
Creature that loses its tail Universal 21 Aug 2016
Amphibian larva The Telegraph Quick 17 Jun 2016
Aquatic creature bit perch The Times Cryptic 26 May 2016
Future croaker The Washington Post 08 May 2016
Story about pond developing no new larva The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Mar 2016
Small creature is a little European The Sun Two Speed 10 Jan 2016
It could turn into toad and leap, skipping area The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Jun 2015
Infant frog Newsday 26 Apr 2015
Pond juvenile LA Times Daily 18 Feb 2015
Young toad
Newborn frog
Stage in a frog's life
Amphibian with gills
One on the verge of croaking?
Larva with gills
Small frog in a big pond?
One who'll croak in the future
He'll croak eventually
Pond infant
Larval amphibian
Pond swimmer
Future jumper
Kermit as a youth
Lily-pond larva
Immature swimmer
Kermit as a youngster, presumably
Pond denizen
Kermit, once?
Kermit as a kid
Pond denizen.
Pond creature
Would-be frog.
Larval amphibian.
Swimming larva.
Larva of an amphibian.
Long-tailed larva.
Immature amphibian.
Future frog.
Swimmer in the spring.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.