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Crossword Clues for TANDEM

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Clue Source Date
In single file The Washington Post 16 Aug 2020
Bicycle for two The Times Concise 18 Jul 2020
Bike for two The Telegraph Quick 27 Oct 2019
Bike for two cyclists The Telegraph Quick 28 Jul 2019
Transport ten mad nuts The Sun Two Speed 10 Jun 2019
Bicycle type for two Universal 21 Mar 2019
Couple may be saddled with this! The Sun Two Speed 20 Feb 2019
Bicycle built for two The Sun Two Speed 20 Feb 2019
Vehicle encountered going north and getting in the way The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jan 2019
Bicycle for two (plus) The Telegraph Quick 28 Dec 2018
Kind of bike or kayak New York Times 16 May 2018
Duo's bike Universal 28 Feb 2018
Lovers' bike Universal 24 Feb 2018
___ bicycle The Washington Post Sunday 19 Nov 2017
Transport taken from A&E stretched out? The Telegraph Toughie 14 Nov 2017
One behind the other The Guardian Speedy 23 Sep 2017
What two people may ride in New York Times 18 May 2017
Four-pedal bike Newsday 07 May 2017
Type of trailer or bicycle The Chronicle of Higher Education 28 Apr 2017
Kermit and Emu together, in it? The Telegraph Toughie 23 Sep 2016
Green form of transport is what’s used in central Guatemala? The Times Cryptic 07 Aug 2016
Bike not made for touring over passes The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Jul 2016
Dante travels with master in transport for two Irish Times Crosaire 18 Jun 2016
Bicycle The Telegraph Quick 19 Mar 2016
Two-person bicycle The Telegraph Quick 15 Feb 2016
Bicycle made for two Irish Times Simplex 29 Apr 2015
Built for two Thomas Joseph 24 Apr 2015
Two-seater used by Manhattan Democrat The Times Cryptic 09 Feb 2015
Type of bike Eugene Sheffer 20 Jan 2015
In ___ (together) USA Today 06 Jan 2015
One after another?
Bike for a couple
Bike for you and a sweetie
Oxen might be put in it
Oxen may pull plows in this
(In) association
Certain two-seater
One behind another
Two-person bike
Two-seated bicycle
A couple of people may work in it
Ride for two
Bicycle type
Type of bicycle
(In) single file
Four-foot bike
Daisy's bicycle, in song
Kind of trailer
Two-trailer rig
Many a trailer
Kind of bike
One following another
Two-seat cycle
Bike type
Many a tractor-trailer
Daisy's bike
Two-seated bike
Single file
Two for the road
In __ (together)
Daisy's velocipede
Kind of bicycle
Daisy's wedding transport
Bike or plane
Bike for Daisy
Big bicycle
Two-seated carriage
Bicycle for Daisy
Kind of bicycle.
Old bike.
One behind the other.
Bicycle built for two.
One after the other.
In single file.
Vehicle for Daisy and mate.
Pre-auto transportation.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.