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Crossword Clues for TATAR

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Clue Source Date
Early Mongolian Eugene Sheffer 19 Oct 2020
Turkic language Wall Street Journal 19 Aug 2020
Volga-Ural ethnic group member The Washington Post 05 Jun 2020
Onetime subject of Genghis Khan The New Yorker 25 May 2020
Ancient Mongol marauder Newsday 03 May 2020
Muslim Russian Newsday 28 Mar 2020
Subject of Genghis Khan The New Yorker 09 Mar 2020
Volga region native Newsday 27 Feb 2020
Language whose alphabet went from Arabic to Latin to Cyrillic New York Times 19 Oct 2019
Member of Genghis Khan's horde The Washington Post 13 Sep 2019
Certain Mongolian Universal 04 Sep 2019
Mongolian invader Universal 23 Apr 2019
Mongol invader The Washington Post 29 Mar 2019
Golden Horde member New York Times 22 Nov 2018
13th-century Mongol invader USA Today 19 Apr 2018
Many a Volga native New York Times 08 Sep 2017
Genghis Khan subject The Washington Post 05 Aug 2017
Mongol foe Universal 02 Jan 2017
Turkic Russian LA Times Daily 28 Aug 2016
Genghis Khan follower Newsday 19 Aug 2016
Volga native Premier Sunday 31 Jul 2016
Volga District native Wall Street Journal 07 May 2016
Language heard along the Volga The Chronicle of Higher Education 29 Jan 2016
Mongol marauder Newsday 03 May 2015
One in the Golden Horde USA Today 24 Feb 2015
Resident along the Volga USA Today 09 Feb 2015
One subdued by Genghis Khan
Early European invader
Steppes dweller
Mongolian warrior
Certain Turkic tribesperson
Khan's subject
Khan subject
13th century Mongol invader
Dweller along the Volga
Turkic people
Volga River native
Turkic native of Russia
Member of a Russian ethnic group
Mongolian marauder
Siberian native
Onetime subject of the Mongols
Volga region language
Member of the Mongol Empire
Steppes native
Member of a Turkic ethnic group along the Volga
One of a Turkic people
Steppes resident
Kazan native
Medieval invader
Crimean language
Certain Central Asian
Certain Mongol
Turkic inhabitant of Russia
Invader of 13th-century Russia
Bashkir's close cousin
Language closely related to Bashkir
Steppes settler
Certain Siberian
Strait off the Sea of Japan
Kazan resident
Volga language
Turkic invader
Native of the Steppes
13th-century invader
Mongol tribesman
Siberian neighbor
Nomadic Asian
Middle Ages invader
Volga region resident
Volga basin native
Turkic tongue
Siberian people
Asian tribesman
Siberia native
13th century invader
Turkic speaker
Muslim in Russia
One of the Golden Horde
Strait between Sakhalin Island and Asia
Genghis Khan, e.g.
Early invader of Europe
Someone regarded as ferocious or violent
Crimean native
Russian tongue
Central Asian
Ancient Asian
Turkish tongue
Russia resident
Certain central Asian
Mongolian tribesman
Russian republic
Mongol ally
Certain Crimean
Dweller on the Volga
Russia's _____ Autonomous Republic
A Turkic language
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.