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Crossword Clues for TBONE

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Clue Source Date
Collide into the side of New York Times 25 Sep 2020
Type of steak Newsday 15 Sep 2020
Steak choice Eugene Sheffer 04 Sep 2020
Steakhouse order Newsday 18 Aug 2020
Steak named for its shape LA Times Daily 26 Jul 2020
Steakhouse entree The Washington Post Sunday 26 Jul 2020
Prime cut New York Times 26 Jul 2020
Loin cut The New Yorker 08 Jun 2020
Strip alternative Wall Street Journal 28 May 2020
Rib eye alternative Universal 05 May 2020
Hearty steak New York Times 27 Apr 2020
Steakhouse serving Newsday 26 Apr 2020
Butcher shop offering USA Today 22 Feb 2020
35-Down choice Thomas Joseph 20 Feb 2020
Chophouse choice The Washington Post 20 Dec 2019
Doggie bag treat The Washington Post 24 Nov 2019
Porterhouse kin Wall Street Journal 14 Nov 2019
Meaty goodie in a doggie bag USA Today 03 Sep 2019
Steakhouse choice USA Today 21 Aug 2019
Letter-shaped steak Universal 29 Jul 2019
"Stormy Monday" blues pioneer ___ Walker The New Yorker 15 Jul 2019
Sort of steak Newsday 21 May 2019
Collide with in an intersection, perhaps New York Times 17 May 2019
Meaty doggie bag treat USA Today 07 May 2019
Variety of steak Newsday 29 Apr 2019
Steakhouse selection Wall Street Journal 03 Apr 2019
Short loin cut Jonesin 19 Feb 2019
Steak from the short loin USA Today 28 Jan 2019
Chophouse cut Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2018
Porterhouse steak Wall Street Journal 28 Aug 2018
Cut government's last British unit The Telegraph Cryptic 28 May 2018
Rare item, at times The Washington Post Sunday 20 May 2018
Crash into the side of, informally New York Times 04 Mar 2018
Something to gnaw on New York Times 19 Jan 2018
Prime cut, perhaps Newsday 11 Jan 2018
Contents of a steakhouse doggy bag USA Today 09 Dec 2017
What's your beef? New York Times 21 Oct 2017
Beefy entrée Newsday 30 Jul 2017
Rib-eye alternative Newsday 04 Jun 2017
Every now and then, stubborn veggie finally gets something meaty The Telegraph Cryptic 02 May 2017
Cut from the short loin USA Today 20 Feb 2017
Steak order USA Today 18 Dec 2016
Hit from the side The Washington Post 09 Nov 2016
Porterhouse's kin Wall Street Journal 15 Oct 2016
Steakhouse option USA Today 30 Sep 2016
Porterhouse cousin New York Times 21 Sep 2016
Grilling candidate Newsday 16 Jul 2016
Flank alternative Newsday 05 May 2016
Meaty nickname of blues guitarist Aaron Thibeaux Walker The Washington Post 13 Apr 2016
Beef cut Universal 13 Apr 2016
Order at Ruth's Chris The Washington Post 12 Mar 2016
Following illness, single piece of steak The Sun Two Speed 29 Dec 2015
Choice steak The Sun Two Speed 29 Dec 2015
Steak house steak The Washington Post 01 Dec 2015
Doggie bag goodie LA Times Daily 04 Oct 2015
Music producer Burnett The Chronicle of Higher Education 07 Aug 2015
Choice cut of steak The Times Concise 31 Jul 2015
Steak variety Eugene Sheffer 27 May 2015
Sirloin alternative LA Times Daily 22 Feb 2015
Grammy-winner Burnett
Ruth's Chris serving
Meaty entrée
Meat order
Bluesman Walker
The Alpha Band musician Burnett
"The Weary Kind" Oscar-winner Burnett (hyph.)
Steak type
Butcher's offering
Steak option
Steak cut
Kind of steak
Steak selection
Porterhouse alternative
Chophouse selection
Fare named for its shape
Steak purchase
Hit broadside
Schoolyard game
Steakhouse steak
Entrée at a steakhouse
Juicy entree
Choice cut
Butcher shop selection
Sirloin relative
Cut above the flank
Strip steak alternative
Walker of the blues
Butcher shop buy
Butchery selection
Ribeye alternative
Steak that a dog might end up with
New York strip alternative
Certain tenderloin
Steak order, perhaps
Delmonico alternative
Treat for a dog
*Chophouse order
Porterhouse feature
Thick steak
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.