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Crossword Clues for TETRA

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Clue Source Date
Swimmer regularly at sea (Torbay) The Telegraph Toughie 02 Oct 2020
Prefix meaning 'four' USA Today 23 Sep 2020
Colorful fish Thomas Joseph 29 Aug 2020
One less than penta- New York Times 25 Aug 2020
Colorful tank fish LA Times Daily 17 Aug 2020
Aquarium fish Wall Street Journal 12 Aug 2020
Aquarium swimmer The Washington Post Sunday 12 Jul 2020
Brightly colored fish The Washington Post 12 Jul 2020
Four: Prefix New York Times 08 Jul 2020
Colorful aquarium fish Wall Street Journal 17 Jun 2020
"Neon" fish LA Times Daily 07 Jun 2020
'Neon' fish The Washington Post 07 Jun 2020
Neon ___ (aquarium fish) Wall Street Journal 18 May 2020
Prefix meaning “four” Wall Street Journal 28 Apr 2020
Bright fish Universal 26 Apr 2020
Four, when before Family Time 23 Mar 2020
A brightly coloured tropical freshwater fish, often kept in aquariums The Times Specialist Sunday 22 Mar 2020
Colorful aquarium swimmer New York Times 10 Oct 2019
Prefix with -hedron New York Times 07 Oct 2019
Aquarium favorite Eugene Sheffer 30 Aug 2019
Bright tropical fish The Times Concise 01 Jul 2019
Small school member The Washington Post Sunday 16 Jun 2019
Aquarium beauty The Washington Post 15 May 2019
Popular aquarium fish Universal 02 May 2019
Colorful aquarium denizen USA Today 20 Mar 2019
Tank fish The Washington Post 27 Feb 2019
Prefix between tri- and penta- New York Times 28 Jan 2019
Fish in a tank New York Times 27 Jan 2019
Prefix meaning "four"
Fore four? Universal 03 Dec 2018
'Neon' fish in a tank Premier Sunday 11 Nov 2018
Do more than just tri? Universal 26 Sep 2018
Common aquarium fish Wall Street Journal 18 Aug 2018
A brightly coloured tropical freshwater fish The Times Specialist Sunday 12 Aug 2018
Prefix for four Universal 06 Aug 2018
Guppy's tankmate, perhaps USA Today 27 Jul 2018
Colorful tank denizen The Washington Post Sunday 22 Jul 2018
This swimmer fighting with cops could be spectator The Telegraph Toughie 03 Jul 2018
Neon ___ (fish) The Washington Post Sunday 03 Jun 2018
Prefix with -hydrozoline New York Times 22 May 2018
Colorful tank addition The Washington Post 11 May 2018
"Four" prefix Universal 11 May 2018
Colorful tropical fish The Washington Post 02 May 2018
Four prefix Universal 30 Apr 2018
Prefix with fluoride New York Times 29 Mar 2018
Tropical fish Premier Sunday 11 Mar 2018
It means four Universal 03 Mar 2018
"Tri" superior Universal 12 Jan 2018
Advocate trade importing tropical fish The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Dec 2017
Small tropical fish The Times Concise 01 Dec 2017
Regular in tanks Newsday 05 Aug 2017
Bi- and bi-? New York Times 04 Jun 2017
Four before? Universal 23 May 2017
Fatter itinerant ignoring fine fish The Telegraph Toughie 06 Jan 2017
Colorful pet store purchase LA Times Daily 27 Nov 2016
"Four" before a word Universal 25 Nov 2016
Bright-colored fadish Jonesin 15 Nov 2016
"Four" at the fore Universal 08 Sep 2016
The hollow craft picked up swimmer The Telegraph Toughie 20 Jul 2016
Small brightly-coloured fish of aquariums Irish Times Simplex 09 Jul 2016
Bright swimmer New York Times 08 Jul 2016
Prefix meaning 51-Down New York Times 22 Jun 2016
Prefix with hedron USA Today 28 May 2016
''Neon'' fish Newsday 17 Mar 2016
Neon ___ (tropical fish) The Washington Post 02 Jan 2016
Regularly at sea, craft rejected small fish The Times Cryptic 08 Dec 2015
Fish tank dweller, sometimes USA Today 13 Nov 2015
Half of octo- New York Times 22 Sep 2015
3-Down minus one New York Times 19 Sep 2015
Colorful swimmer LA Times Daily 21 Jun 2015
Bright-colored fish Wall Street Journal 01 Jun 2015
Octa- divided by two USA Today 22 Apr 2015
Common tank contents Newsday 11 Apr 2015
Denizen of an aquarium, sometimes USA Today 18 Mar 2015
Mixed batter British rejected for fish The Times Cryptic 02 Feb 2015
Betta tankmate LA Times Daily 22 Jan 2015
Four at the fore? New York Times 10 Jan 2015
Tropical fish tank favorite
Common aquarium resident
Aquarium fish with a name that derives from the Greek for "four-sided wing"
Popular aquarium beauty
Brightly colored tropical fish
Prefix meaning "4"
Neon --
Neon ___
Brilliant swimmer
Tri- plus one
Neon swimmer
Aquarium brightener
Flashy little fish
Fish that sounds like it should be in a group of four
Tropical aquarium fish
It comes before penta-
Bright aquarium fish
"Four" before words, sometimes
Numerical prefix
It may help fill your tank
Flashy tank swimmer
Four, before
Fish tank favorite
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.