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Crossword Clues for THESPIAN

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Clue Source Date
He paints swing working in the cherry orchard Irish Times Crosaire 26 Oct 2020
Actor USA Today 23 Oct 2020
Theatrical performer Irish Times Simplex 14 Oct 2020
He paints bad actor The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Oct 2019
Actor, this person featuring in 'The Bridge' The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Oct 2019
Relating to drama The Times Concise 19 Jul 2019
Stage actor The Telegraph Quick 27 Mar 2019
Actor, inept, has to be sacked The Sun Two Speed 01 Feb 2019
Dramatic change to attorneyship after corrupt Tory is sacked The Telegraph Toughie 06 Sep 2018
He paints swing in the cherry orchard Irish Times Crosaire 13 Apr 2018
Of theatrical talents Newsday 01 Jul 2017
To some extent, soothes piano player on stage The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jun 2017
Performer -- he's very good opening function The Telegraph Toughie 05 May 2017
Article on spelling Scotsman finds dramatic The Telegraph Toughie 12 Jan 2017
Dramatic actor The Telegraph Quick 16 May 2016
He paints eccentric theatrical type The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Mar 2016
He paints model at the gate Irish Times Crosaire 29 Feb 2016
The turn involving a cast member The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Nov 2015
Player damaged various paths in east The Sun Two Speed 01 Nov 2015
Piece from Mozart, he's piano player The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Oct 2015
Person play-acting with article on Spain in a bad way Irish Times Crosaire 16 Jun 2015
He's in a cast USA Today 21 Mar 2015
Method user
Many an Actors Studio member
Man in a cast, e.g.
Man in a cast
De Niro or Redford
Man of parts
Sock and buskin man.
Member of the Lambs Club.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.