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Crossword Clues for TIRES

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Clue Source Date
Runs low on energy Newsday 22 Oct 2020
Road rotators Newsday 10 Sep 2020
Car parts USA Today 25 Aug 2020
& 35. Exhausts New York Times 30 Jul 2020
Runs out of steam Eugene Sheffer 24 Jul 2020
Needs rejuvenating Newsday 23 Jul 2020
Quartet on a car USA Today 06 Jul 2020
Radials, e.g Thomas Joseph 21 Apr 2020
Car quartet Thomas Joseph 20 Apr 2020
Set out on the highway? New York Times 06 Mar 2020
Corvette quartet The Washington Post 31 Dec 2019
Loses interest Newsday 02 Nov 2019
Auto shop buys Universal 17 Oct 2019
Focus group? The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jul 2019
Loses stamina Universal 22 May 2019
Station wagon's wheels Newsday 14 May 2019
Tricycle trio USA Today 23 Apr 2019
Yokohama or Hankook products USA Today 05 Apr 2019
Becomes weary and in need of rest Irish Times Simplex 09 Mar 2019
Four for the road Jonesin 26 Feb 2019
Ones pumped up for a race? New York Times 24 Jan 2019
Car's quartet Wall Street Journal 03 Dec 2018
Runs out of gas New York Times 29 Sep 2018
Auto wheels Newsday 20 Aug 2018
Dunlop offerings Universal 25 Jun 2018
Car's four Premier Sunday 25 Mar 2018
Spares, maybe New York Times 23 Mar 2018
Grows weary Thomas Joseph 25 Jan 2018
Gets weary Newsday 17 Jan 2018
Retreads, e.g USA Today 19 Dec 2017
Focus quartet The Washington Post 04 Nov 2017
Becomes weary Irish Times Simplex 14 Oct 2017
Becomes exhausted The Washington Post Sunday 17 Sep 2017
Loses steam Newsday 01 Jun 2017
Golf cart foursome New York Times 05 May 2017
Goodyear products LA Times Daily 07 Feb 2017
Retreads, e.g.
Things in trunks Universal 31 Dec 2016
Bicycle wheels Newsday 24 Oct 2016
Auto's four Universal 22 Oct 2016
Michelins Canadiana 19 Sep 2016
Sonata quartet Wall Street Journal 26 Aug 2016
Firestone specialty The Washington Post 03 Aug 2016
Starts to sag Newsday 26 Jun 2016
Weakens The Telegraph Quick 17 May 2016
Flags LA Times Daily 07 Apr 2016
Stack in a pit The Washington Post 27 Mar 2016
Tuckers (out) Newsday 10 Jan 2016
Skid-mark sources Universal 08 Dec 2015
Becomes bushed Universal 06 Apr 2015
Quattro's quartet USA Today 25 Mar 2015
Wears down
Akron exports
They might be chained for purchase
They hit the road
Coupe quartet
Brad Paisley "Mud on the ___"
Sonatas have four of them
Two built for a bicycle
Michelin products
Loses energy
Products pitched by Bibendum
Experiences fatigue
A bicycle's built for two
Spare things
Tour van might need snow ones
Michelins or Goodyears
Pirelli products
They often have belts
They thrive on inflation
Bridgestones, e.g.
Foursome for a Ford
Bicycle pair
Pit crew's supply
Firestones, e.g.
Needs a break
Rolling set
Road runners
Semi's 18
Some spares at the chop shop
Makeshift swings
Michelin Man makeup
Road rollers
Recaps, for example
Some swing seats
Rotated car parts
Firestone products
The wheels on the bus, e.g.
Rim attachments
Turnpike rollers
Ford foursome
They might squeal
Dragster's slicks
Street contacts?
Bike shop stock
Low rollers
Needs a rest
Is ready to rest
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.