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Crossword Clues for TITANIUM

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Clue Source Date
Metallic element: I hide one in stomach The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Nov 2020
Metallic element The Sun Two Speed 23 Sep 2020
Metal ship shortened with some hesitation The Sun Two Speed 23 Sep 2020
Chemical element The Telegraph Quick 14 Sep 2020
Strong metal Eugene Sheffer 01 Dec 2018
Metallic element used in aircraft components Irish Times Simplex 20 Sep 2018
Strong and light metal The Times Concise 23 Jul 2018
'90s golf club-making innovation The Washington Post 25 Feb 2018
Strong light metal The Sun Two Speed 03 Dec 2017
Huge liner isn't finished with universal, medium or lightweight metal Irish Times Crosaire 05 Oct 2017
Titian fan expresses hesitation - this is not heavy metal in the strictest sense Irish Times Crosaire 10 Mar 2017
Hard metal The Times Concise 22 Nov 2016
Note thanks miners for guarding one metallic element The Times Cryptic 19 Apr 2016
Element used to toughen steel USA Today 19 Feb 2016
Club metal New York Times 18 Sep 2015
Modern tennis-racket material Newsday 20 Jun 2015
Auburn, one changing position with hesitation, showing an element of grey The Times Cryptic 22 May 2015
Hard, silvery-gray metal
Steel toughener
Aerospace metal
Golf club metal
Steel component
Steel ingredient
White metallic element.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.