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Crossword Clues for TIVO

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Clue Source Date
Video recorder since 1999 LA Times Daily 27 Nov 2020
DVR brand New York Times 28 Oct 2020
One way to record for later viewing USA Today 18 Oct 2020
DVR choice Universal 13 Oct 2020
Device that enables binge-watching Universal 06 Oct 2020
Record to watch later USA Today 02 Aug 2020
Digital TV recorder Newsday 29 Jul 2020
Skip button pioneer Newsday 13 Jun 2020
Save 'The Last Dance' for me, say? The Washington Post Sunday 07 Jun 2020
Save to watch later Universal 15 May 2020
Record for later, in a way New York Times 15 Apr 2020
Way to watch shows beginning in 1999 New York Times 21 Mar 2020
Early DVR Wall Street Journal 10 Mar 2020
DVR pioneer USA Today 24 Feb 2020
Device for recording shows New York Times 24 Feb 2020
Pioneering DVR The Washington Post 28 Nov 2019
Early name in DVRs USA Today 18 Nov 2019
Save for later viewing, in a way New York Times 12 Nov 2019
Show-saving device Universal 30 Oct 2019
Device with a peanut-shaped remote Universal 20 Oct 2019
TV room device Newsday 16 Oct 2019
Pioneering DVR system USA Today 27 Jun 2019
VHS successor Newsday 17 Feb 2019
Save for later viewing USA Today 03 Jan 2019
Pioneering show shifter
Show saver Wall Street Journal 20 Sep 2018
Its first logo had two feet and antennae Newsday 18 Aug 2018
Watch-when-you-want gadget The Washington Post 02 Aug 2018
Big name in DVRs New York Times 10 Jul 2018
Ad-skipping device USA Today 16 Jun 2018
Device with a smiling-screen logo Newsday 02 Jun 2018
DVR giant USA Today 15 Apr 2018
Program recorder The Washington Post Sunday 01 Apr 2018
Show-saving system USA Today 16 Mar 2018
Record, in a way The Washington Post 01 Mar 2018
Program saver New York Times 10 Dec 2017
Couch potato's device The Washington Post 09 Nov 2017
Save (as a show), since 2000 Newsday 06 Nov 2017
VCR descendant Newsday 15 Oct 2017
Ad-zapping TV adjunct USA Today 13 Aug 2017
Show shifter Wall Street Journal 01 Jun 2017
Popular DVR brand USA Today 22 May 2017
Blessing for a couch potato The Washington Post 07 Apr 2017
Binge-watcher's aid The Washington Post 18 Mar 2017
Save for binge-watching, say LA Times Daily 06 Feb 2017
DVR option Premier Sunday 05 Feb 2017
It lets you see what you missed New York Times 25 Nov 2016
VCR successor LA Times Daily 29 Sep 2016
Den recording device Newsday 31 Aug 2016
VCR supplanter USA Today 16 Aug 2016
Episode playback device The Chronicle of Higher Education 27 May 2016
DVR company Universal 22 May 2016
It helps you avoid seeing spots LA Times Daily 26 Mar 2016
Binge-watcher's device LA Times Daily 14 Mar 2016
Prepare for a later showing, maybe New York Times 13 Feb 2016
Save for later, so to speak The Washington Post 17 Jan 2016
Cable service add-on Newsday 05 Nov 2015
Plan to view later Wall Street Journal 18 Sep 2015
Time-shifting brand Wall Street Journal 17 Aug 2015
Couch potato's aid LA Times Daily 30 Jul 2015
Record ''CSI'', maybe Newsday 03 Jul 2015
Record for later viewing, maybe New York Times 29 Apr 2015
DVR biggie Premier Sunday 05 Apr 2015
Save for later, in a way LA Times Daily 21 Mar 2015
Home theater debut of 1999 Wall Street Journal 13 Mar 2015
Record "CSI", maybe
Digital video recorder pioneer
DVR system
Recorder for couch potatoes
One way to record a show
Not watch live, say
2013 Technical and Engineering Emmy winner
TV watcher's convenience
It can help you avoid ads
TV recording device
Binge-watching aid, maybe
Record for later viewing, in a way
High-tech recorder
Digital recording device
TV lover's recording device
Modern recorder
Device that may be thwarted by shows running long
Coach potato's godsend
It offers Season Passes
What may give pause to couch potatoes?
Show stopper?
Device with a hard disk
Modern recording device
WishList search provider
Digital program recorder
Show-saving box
Watch-TV-when-you-want gadget
Anti-commercial device
Season Pass offerer
Program coordinator?
Home recorder
Modern recording option
Record for later viewing
Idiot box box
Couch potato's buy
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