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Crossword Clues for TOMB

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Clue Source Date
Time old doctor comes to resting place The Sun Two Speed 11 Oct 2020
Grave The Sun Two Speed 11 Oct 2020
Summits on top of Mont Blanc - that's the last place you're likely to be found Irish Times Crosaire 09 Oct 2020
If you're not aware 9 across is about you, it might be because you're in here? And, that's grave! Irish Times Crosaire 07 Oct 2020
Pyramid, maybe Eugene Sheffer 21 Sep 2020
___ of the Unknowns New York Times 15 Sep 2020
Some custom-built structure in the dead centre Irish Times Crosaire 05 Sep 2020
The Taj Mahal, e.g New York Times 08 Aug 2020
Mausoleum Eugene Sheffer 16 Jul 2020
Pharaoh's resting place Universal 09 Jun 2020
Male cat, black, finds resting place The Sun Two Speed 22 May 2020
Pyramid's use, sometimes Family Time 17 May 2020
Mummy's place Universal 26 Mar 2020
Womb's rhyming counterpart USA Today 15 Mar 2020
It's monumental
Mummy chamber Wall Street Journal 28 Oct 2019
Setting for the final scene in 'Aida' USA Today 25 Oct 2019
Amidst upsetting thumb motion in the dead centre Irish Times Crosaire 12 Oct 2019
Grant's __: NYC landmark The Washington Post 09 Oct 2019
The Taj Mahal or Great Pyramid New York Times 21 Sep 2019
Burial locale Premier Sunday 15 Sep 2019
Spot for Lara Croft Wall Street Journal 20 Aug 2019
Egyptian pyramid, e.g New York Times 17 Aug 2019
Archaeologist's find Thomas Joseph 26 Jul 2019
'Indiana Jones' setting New York Times 07 Jul 2019
Sarcophagus spot Wall Street Journal 02 Jul 2019
Setting for the very end of 'Aida' New York Times 11 May 2019
Archaeological find Wall Street Journal 16 Apr 2019
Pyramid, to a pharaoh USA Today 10 Apr 2019
Taj Mahal, e.g New York Times 02 Apr 2019
Lara Croft raid site USA Today 01 Apr 2019
Dead spot New York Times 07 Mar 2019
Grave or burial-vault The Telegraph General Knowledge 24 Feb 2019
Setting for the final scene in "Aida"
Taj Mahal, e.g.
Setting for the very end of "Aida"
Egyptian pyramid, e.g.
"Indiana Jones" setting
Burial chamber Family Time 30 Dec 2018
Pyramid, e.g Universal 30 Nov 2018
Resting place for the dead Canadiana 26 Nov 2018
Unknown Soldier's place USA Today 21 Nov 2018
Large vault The Telegraph Quick 06 Nov 2018
Burial building Family Time 23 Sep 2018
Sepulcher New York Times 13 Sep 2018
Archaeological burial contraption Family Time 23 Jul 2018
Burial place Universal 14 Jul 2018
Pyramid, to Tut The Washington Post 29 Jun 2018
Sarcophagus location The Washington Post Sunday 13 May 2018
The Taj Mahal or the Great Pyramid of Giza, e.g The Chronicle of Higher Education 16 Mar 2018
Archaeological site The Washington Post 20 Feb 2018
Grave when beadle initially follows cat The Sun Two Speed 21 Jan 2018
Crypt The Sun Two Speed 21 Jan 2018
Underground vault The Telegraph Quick 18 Jan 2018
Pyramid, e.g.
The Taj Mahal or the Great Pyramid of Giza, e.g.
Archaeologist's discovery Wall Street Journal 20 Dec 2017
Grant's ___ (Manhattan landmark) USA Today 10 Dec 2017
Final destination Wall Street Journal 21 Sep 2017
Pyramid of Cheops, essentially USA Today 16 Sep 2017
Elaborate burial place Universal 03 Sep 2017
Egyptologist's find USA Today 18 Jul 2017
Pyramid, sometimes Universal 31 May 2017
Archaeological site, sometimes Universal 22 May 2017
Resting place Canadiana 15 May 2017
// Wall Street Journal 15 May 2017
Taj Mahal feature USA Today 26 Jan 2017
Many a monument New York Times 19 Jan 2017
Vault The Telegraph Quick 27 Dec 2016
Archaeological focus Newsday 03 Dec 2016
Sarcophagus site USA Today 28 Sep 2016
Catacomb component New York Times 29 Jul 2016
The dead centre of the top of Mont Blanc summits Irish Times Crosaire 13 Jul 2016
Very quiet place, metaphorically The Washington Post 11 Jul 2016
Plot element New York Times 17 Jun 2016
Grant's landmark Jonesin 14 Jun 2016
Mummy's resting place LA Times Daily 04 May 2016
Mummy's home Universal 13 Apr 2016
Locale in many a vampire film The Washington Post 07 Apr 2016
Monument to doctor The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Feb 2016
Sarcophagus Canadiana 08 Feb 2016
Site raided by Lara Croft The Washington Post 10 Dec 2015
Target of a Lara Croft raid The Chronicle of Higher Education 25 Sep 2015
'Who's buried in Grant's ?' Eugene Sheffer 15 Jul 2015
Where writing is on the wall? New York Times 31 May 2015
Grant's is famous Eugene Sheffer 17 Mar 2015
King Tut's resting place Universal 06 Mar 2015
Lara Croft target Universal 30 Jan 2015
The Taj Mahal, e.g.
Where a sarcophagus may be found
King Tut's is displayed at Luxor
Final resting place, for some
Grant has a famous one
Pyramid, often
Place to rest for years
Egyptian pyramid, essentially
Final "Romeo and Juliet" setting
Dead center?
Tut's home, now
Cemetery structure
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