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Crossword Clues for TRACES

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Clue Source Date
Faint amounts USA Today 12 Oct 2020
Vestiges Thomas Joseph 28 Sep 2020
Wee amounts Eugene Sheffer 27 Aug 2020
Just detectable amounts Irish Times Simplex 22 Feb 2020
Small quantities The Times Concise 13 Jan 2020
Finds; hints The Telegraph Quick 18 Sep 2019
Uses a pattern USA Today 16 Jul 2019
Slight remnants of Family Time 24 Dec 2018
Negligible amounts USA Today 20 Oct 2018
Barely perceived quantities Universal 16 Oct 2018
Tiny amounts Wall Street Journal 09 Jun 2018
Tracks down Newsday 05 Mar 2018
Very small quantities The Times Concise 31 May 2017
Hints LA Times Daily 27 May 2016
Minimal amounts Wall Street Journal 12 Mar 2016
Remnants USA Today 09 Aug 2015
Tracks down, as a UPS package LA Times Daily 08 Jun 2015
Slight amounts
Faint remnants
Sniffs out
Minute quantities
Uses as a pattern
Makes copies of, maybe
Minute amounts
Indefinite quantities
1969 hit song by the Classics IV
Copies, in a way
Small indefinite quantities
1969 Classics IV hit
Small amounts
Leftover smidges
Finds the origin of
Barely discernible evidence
Slight residues
Does detective work
Does tec work
Clues for detectives
Bits of evidence
Harness parts
Radar signals
Copies in a way
Faint clues
Harness parts.
Harness straps.
What Mr. Keen does.
"When the hounds of spring are on winter's ___."
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.