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Crossword Clues for TREY

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Clue Source Date
"South Park" co-creator Parker Universal 21 Mar 2020
It beats a deuce New York Times 15 Mar 2020
Three, in cards USA Today 07 Mar 2020
Poker card Newsday 05 Mar 2020
Deuce topper The Washington Post 24 Feb 2020
Long shot, in hoops lingo The Washington Post 30 Nov 2019
Low card Thomas Joseph 27 Nov 2019
Low poker card Newsday 10 Nov 2019
Likely loser in bridge Wall Street Journal 29 Jun 2019
Long basket, in hoops lingo USA Today 16 Jun 2019
Card with three pips Family Time 20 May 2019
War loser, usually New York Times 19 May 2019
Card with three main pips Family Time 14 Apr 2019
Loser to a four USA Today 11 Apr 2019
Three card Universal 02 Apr 2019
3, in cards or dice The Times Specialist Sunday 24 Mar 2019
Deuce taker Premier Sunday 24 Mar 2019
Basket made from 'downtown,' say USA Today 10 Jan 2019
Basket made from "downtown," say
Three pip-per Universal 28 Dec 2018
Deuce beater Thomas Joseph 18 Dec 2018
Card with three main dots Family Time 09 Dec 2018
'The Book of Mormon' co-creator Parker Jonesin 20 Nov 2018
Long basket, in hoops slang USA Today 11 Nov 2018
Three playing cards? Universal 13 Oct 2018
Nickname for Jr.'s son USA Today 18 Aug 2018
Card sounding like a platter The Washington Post 05 Aug 2018
It tops a deuce The Washington Post 15 Jul 2018
It beats a deuce in most games Wall Street Journal 18 Jun 2018
Three from beyond the arc Universal 21 May 2018
'South Park' co-creator Parker Jonesin 08 May 2018
___ Gowdy (South Carolina congressman and former Benghazi investigator) The Chronicle of Higher Education 13 Apr 2018
Card in a baby straight The Washington Post 16 Mar 2018
Swish from beyond the arc Universal 26 Feb 2018
Low card in a seven-high straight
Deuce follower Premier Sunday 31 Dec 2017
Rare trick taker New York Times 28 Dec 2017
Three-pointer Universal 29 Nov 2017
Three-spot in a hand Universal 23 Sep 2017
Playing card Canadiana 11 Sep 2017
Lowly deck card Universal 22 Aug 2017
Occupant of the Cleveland Browns' 'pound' The Chronicle of Higher Education 21 Apr 2017
Lowly domino Universal 17 Apr 2017
It doesn't take much on a card table Universal 10 Apr 2017
Card above a deuce Wall Street Journal 03 Apr 2017
Unlikely trick taker Wall Street Journal 02 Mar 2017
Card that just beats a deuce New York Times 20 Feb 2017
Long basket, in basketball lingo USA Today 04 Feb 2017
Small diamond, perhaps The Washington Post 17 Jan 2017
Long-range basket, in hoops lingo
Card not worth much Universal 13 Nov 2016
Three-pointer, in hoops lingo USA Today 29 Oct 2016
Low end of a 7-high straight Wall Street Journal 25 Oct 2016
Deuce plus one The Washington Post 12 Oct 2016
Card not used in pinochle USA Today 30 Sep 2016
Noted fountain name New York Times 29 Sep 2016
Domino end with three dots USA Today 17 Aug 2016
Domino with three pips Family Time 17 Jul 2016
It won't take much, in a way The Chronicle of Higher Education 24 Jun 2016
Shot from behind the arc, informally New York Times 29 Apr 2016
Card unlikely to take a trick Wall Street Journal 09 Apr 2016
Long basket, in basketball slang Universal 03 Mar 2016
Card with three spots The Telegraph General Knowledge 17 Jan 2016
Deuce beater, barely USA Today 30 Dec 2015
A four beats it LA Times Daily 17 Dec 2015
Four's inferior Universal 05 Jul 2015
Lowish card Wall Street Journal 04 May 2015
'The Book of Mormon' co-writer Parker Wall Street Journal 16 Mar 2015
Three Canadiana 09 Feb 2015
Slangy low card USA Today 01 Feb 2015
Parker of "South Park" USA Today 10 Jan 2015
Phish's Anastasio
Phish leader Anastasio
Good card in lowball
Middling domino
Low playing card
Three-pip card
Three in a deck
Deuce edger
Deuce and a half-deuce
Phish guitarist Anastasio
Anastasio of Phish
War underdog
Second-lowest poker card
Long shot, in hoops
"The Book of Mormon" co-creator Parker
Lowball asset
It barely beats a deuce
Deuce follower, in cards
Card over a deuce
Card below a four
Beater of a deuce
Card that rarely wins tricks
Cager's long shot
Smaller cousin of a four-in-hand?
Loser in war, usually
Deuce topper, in cards
Low-ranking card
"South Park" cocreator Parker
Valuable red card in canasta
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.