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Crossword Clues for TRIBE

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Clue Source Date
Group of people with a common culture Irish Times Simplex 20 Mar 2020
A ___ Called Red ('Stadium Pow Wow' group) USA Today 10 Mar 2020
'Survivor' team Thomas Joseph 07 Dec 2019
'Survivor' faction The Washington Post Sunday 03 Nov 2019
"Survivor" team Universal 03 Nov 2019
Erie or Huron, but not Superior The Washington Post 11 Oct 2019
Extended family Newsday 06 Oct 2019
Navajo or Hopi Eugene Sheffer 20 Sep 2019
Big family Newsday 18 Aug 2019
Big family, humorously Newsday 06 Aug 2019
Close-knit group Newsday 15 Jun 2019
Cherokee, e.g Universal 14 Jun 2019
"Survivor" faction LA Times Daily 21 May 2019
Native group Thomas Joseph 06 Apr 2019
Cherokee or Chippewa Wall Street Journal 25 Mar 2019
Group making a reservation? New York Times 20 Mar 2019
Social division The Sun Two Speed 15 Mar 2019
Clan from Tiber spread out The Sun Two Speed 15 Mar 2019
Five Nations group USA Today 01 Feb 2019
Cherokee, e.g.
Clan Canadiana 26 Nov 2018
Biter harassed native group The Sun Two Speed 27 Oct 2018
Race in tumultuous Tiber The Sun Two Speed 28 Sep 2018
Native American group Universal 07 Sep 2018
Family in Tiber swimming The Sun Two Speed 26 Jul 2018
Bert possibly accommodates one ethnic group The Sun Two Speed 01 Jun 2018
Many a casino-owning group The Washington Post 30 Apr 2018
Cleveland Indians, in headlines USA Today 21 Apr 2018
Family, so to speak Newsday 25 Mar 2018
Large family group Jonesin 14 Nov 2017
Large family Newsday 01 Nov 2017
Ibert composed for some people The Telegraph Toughie 05 Oct 2017
Crow, for one New York Times 09 Sep 2017
Cherokee or Apache Universal 30 Jul 2017
Big family, informally Newsday 19 Jun 2017
'Survivor' group Wall Street Journal 13 May 2017
Nation Canadiana 08 May 2017
Erie or Miami New York Times 10 Mar 2017
"Survivor" group USA Today 27 Jan 2017
Crow or Navajo, e.g Universal 21 Jan 2017
Group in "Survivor" Universal 07 Jan 2017
Shoshone or Sioux New York Times 28 Nov 2016
Ancestral group The Washington Post 29 Oct 2016
Lawrence admits it's the making of First Lady of nation Irish Times Crosaire 15 Aug 2016
Five Nations unit LA Times Daily 14 Aug 2016
Cleveland Indians' nickname Universal 29 Jul 2016
Ethnic group The Telegraph Quick 25 Jul 2016
Erie or Cree LA Times Daily 11 Jul 2016
Comanche group Universal 06 Jun 2016
Oto or Ute Premier Sunday 20 Mar 2016
"Survivor" grouping USA Today 08 Jan 2016
''Survivor'' side Newsday 03 Jan 2016
Moving into second place, backmarker in river race The Times Cryptic 11 Nov 2015
Native American grouping USA Today 04 Nov 2015
Nickname for baseball's Indians, with 'the' New York Times 26 Oct 2015
Cherokee or Creek, e.g USA Today 20 Jul 2015
Cultural group Newsday 18 Jul 2015
Comanche clan Universal 21 Jun 2015
Cree or Erie Premier Sunday 03 May 2015
Close-knit social group The Times Concise 23 Mar 2015
8-Down, e.g LA Times Daily 13 Feb 2015
34-Down, e.g LA Times Daily 07 Jan 2015
Cherokee or Creek, e.g.
Nickname for baseball's Indians, with "the"
8-Down, e.g.
34-Down, e.g.
A ___ Called Quest
Family group
Cree, Creek or Crow
Sioux or Navajo
Erie or Huron
96-Across owner, maybe
One of 12 of Israel
Cleveland nine, on the sports pages
Sioux or Apache
Cherokee, for one
Crow, e.g.
Category between subfamily and genus
Native American social federation, homophones for four of which can be found at the starts of 17-, 25-, 41-, and 54-Across
Ancestral unit
"Survivor" side
It may have reservations
Cleveland Indians, to fans
They're "Called Quest"
10,000 Maniacs "In My ___"
One of Israel's 12
Alabama or Missouri
33-Down, for one
Arapaho or Apache
Chief's group
Cherokee or Creek
Cleveland Indians nickname, with "the"
Navajos or Apaches
"The ___ has spoken" ("Survivor" catchphrase)
Fox or Crow
Sioux or Cree, e.g.
See 20-Across
Sioux or Sac Fox
Powwow group
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.