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Crossword Clues for TUFT

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Clue Source Date
Bunch of hair USA Today 13 Nov 2020
Hair clump Wall Street Journal 07 Nov 2020
Bunched cluster The Times Concise 27 Oct 2020
Grass clump Eugene Sheffer 10 Oct 2020
Bit of grass or hair Universal 01 Aug 2020
Clump of hair USA Today 31 Mar 2020
Clump of dune grass The Washington Post 19 Sep 2019
Thread cluster The Washington Post 09 Mar 2019
Clump of grass Eugene Sheffer 22 Feb 2019
Hairy clump Wall Street Journal 19 Jan 2019
Bunch of hair or feathers Universal 02 Oct 2018
Clump The Washington Post 06 Jul 2018
Bunch of threads or grass The Times Concise 13 Jun 2018
Hair of the dog perhaps takes the edges off tummy full of draft Irish Times Crosaire 24 Jul 2017
Turn left going around in a collection of threads Irish Times Crosaire 08 Jul 2017
Clump on a lawn LA Times Daily 05 Feb 2017
Small clump (of grass) The Times Concise 10 Nov 2016
Cockatoo's crest Universal 24 Dec 2015
Dense clump of trees or bushes Universal 01 Dec 2015
Hair piece? Eugene Sheffer 14 Nov 2015
A dense clump of grass USA Today 04 Oct 2015
Turn left going around small grass bank perhaps Irish Times Crosaire 04 Jul 2015
Bunch of grass The Telegraph Quick 18 Jun 2015
Grassy cluster LA Times Daily 17 May 2015
Titmouse topper, perhaps
Hairy bunch
Bit of hair standing up
Bunch of feathers
Tam-o'-shanter feature
Hair cluster
Prominent bit of hair
End of a lion's tail
Hank of hair
Feathery cluster
Cowlick, e.g.
Cluster, as of feathers
Cluster of feathers
Small cluster, as of threads
Unruly bit of hair
Cluster of hair
Small grass patch
Small clump
Feather clump
Clump of feathers
Pompom, e.g.
Soft cluster
Goatee, sort of
Goatee, e.g.
The end of a lion's tail
Lion's tail feature
Feature of many a bird
Cockatoo crest
Bunch of hairs
Patch of grass
Feather cluster
Clump of bushes
Titmouse topper
Titmouse topping
Cluster, as of flowers
Clump of trees
Grass unit
Grass cluster
Cluster, as of grass
Titmouse feature
Clump of grass.
Bird's crest.
Elvis's haircut
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.