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Crossword Clues for UBOLT

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Clue Source Date
A bike lock may be shaped like one LA Times Daily 03 Nov 2020
Horseshoe-shaped hardware Newsday 16 Aug 2020
Letter-shaped fastener Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2020
Fastener shaped like the 21st letter of the alphabet USA Today 24 Mar 2020
Many a bike lock, essentially New York Times 07 Aug 2019
Former athlete, losing sex appeal, in bar providing security The Telegraph Toughie 21 Jun 2019
Curved fastener The New Yorker 03 Jun 2019
*Military vehicles New York Times 19 Jul 2018
Pipe fastener The Washington Post 06 May 2018
Curved fastening bar Premier Sunday 06 Aug 2017
Horseshoe-shaped fastener Jonesin 23 May 2017
Letter-shaped hardware store item Wall Street Journal 11 Nov 2016
Horseshoe-shaped iron bar Premier Sunday 31 Jul 2016
Two-headed fastener Newsday 29 Jun 2016
Fastener with two nuts USA Today 25 May 2016
Pipework securer Wall Street Journal 28 Nov 2015
Car muffler clamp
Heavy-duty construction lock
It takes two nuts
One with two heads in the kitchen
Axle holder
Curved connector
Horseshoe-shaped hardware item
Common bike lock type
Aptly named fastener
Certain fastener
Letter-shaped iron bar
Letter-shaped hardware
It might have a nut at each end
Hardware store fastener
Letter-shaped, threaded fastener
Hasp fastener
Double-nutter in construction
Iron fastening bar
Nut holder
Axle securer
Horseshoe-shaped piece of hardware
Certain metal fastener
Bent fastening bar
Auto muffler clamp
Curved hardware item
Metal fastener
It has a nut on each end
Bar with two screw threads
Curved bar with a screw thread at each end
Kind of fastener
Hardware item
It has a nut at each end
Hardware with a bend
Fastener shaped like a horseshoe
Carpenter's double-nutter
Rod of a certain shape.
Metal fastener.
Type of fastener.
Device for suspending forms for concrete floors.
Bent fastener
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.