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Crossword Clues for UHURA

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Clue Source Date
'Star Trek' communications officer The Washington Post 19 Oct 2020
"Star Trek" communications officer LA Times Daily 19 Oct 2020
Role of Nichols? Universal 14 Aug 2020
Cohort of Kirk and Sulu Thomas Joseph 01 May 2020
'Star Trek' lieutenant The Washington Post 31 Mar 2020
"Star Trek" lieutenant LA Times Daily 31 Mar 2020
'Star Trek' role for Nichols and Saldana USA Today 29 Feb 2020
Role for Nichelle Nichols and Zoë Saldana
Saldana role of '09, '13 and '16 Newsday 28 Dec 2019
Crewmate of Spock and Sulu Jonesin 24 Dec 2019
Big name in interstellar communication The Washington Post 12 Dec 2019
Colleague of Bones The Washington Post Sunday 10 Nov 2019
''Star Trek'' officer Newsday 29 Sep 2019
'Star Trek' officer who famously kissed Kirk in 1968 The Washington Post 08 Sep 2019
"Star Trek" officer who famously kissed Kirk in 1968 LA Times Daily 08 Sep 2019
"Star Trek" role for Zoe Saldana Universal 19 Aug 2019
Crewmate of Sulu USA Today 15 Aug 2019
Woman on the original 'Star Trek' bridge The Washington Post 07 Jul 2019
Woman on the original "Star Trek" bridge LA Times Daily 07 Jul 2019
''Star Trek'' role Newsday 30 Jun 2019
One of Kirk's bridge crew Thomas Joseph 28 Jun 2019
"Star Trek" officer Universal 16 Feb 2019
Bridge officer on the original Enterprise New York Times 08 Dec 2018
Communications officer on the Enterprise New York Times 04 Dec 2018
Enterprise officer Thomas Joseph 29 Nov 2018
Enterprise officer with an earpiece New York Times 27 Nov 2018
Member of Kirk's bridge crew Wall Street Journal 19 Nov 2018
'Star Trek' lieutenant who speaks Swahili New York Times 12 Nov 2018
Linguistics expert on a 1960s series Wall Street Journal 12 Sep 2018
Lieutenant at the communications station Wall Street Journal 23 Jun 2018
Captain Kirk's communications officer Wall Street Journal 04 Jun 2018
'Hailing frequencies open' speaker Wall Street Journal 26 Feb 2018
"Star Trek" lieutenant who speaks Swahili
Zoe Saldana's "Star Trek" role USA Today 29 Nov 2017
Associate of Sulu and Chekov Newsday 11 Jun 2017
Colleague of Spock and Sulu Thomas Joseph 21 Dec 2016
'Star Trek' officer with an earpiece New York Times 12 Dec 2016
Sulu shipmate Wall Street Journal 06 Aug 2016
'Star Trek' officer Premier Sunday 31 Jul 2016
'Star Trek' character whom Martin Luther King considered inspirational The Washington Post 11 Jul 2016
'Star Trek' character that speaks Swahili Jonesin 14 Jun 2016
See 28-Down LA Times Daily 11 Jun 2016
'Hailing frequencies open' speaker on the Enterprise Wall Street Journal 26 Apr 2016
Shipmate of Spock Universal 16 Apr 2016
2009 and '13 sci-fi role for Zoë Saldana New York Times 12 Feb 2016
"Star Trek" officer with an earpiece
Female officer on the Enterprise The Washington Post 02 Dec 2015
Crewmate of Chekov and Sulu LA Times Daily 14 Oct 2015
Film role for Zoe Saldana Wall Street Journal 08 Jun 2015
Kirk's partner in a groundbreaking 1968 interracial kiss New York Times 07 Jun 2015
Communications officer on 49-Across Jonesin 21 May 2015
Saldana, in ''Star Trek'' Newsday 17 May 2015
'Star Trek' crew member New York Times 11 Jan 2015
"Star Trek" crew member
Saldana, in "Star Trek"
One of Kirk's lieutenants
"Star Trek" character
Officer on the Enterprise bridge
Lieutenant under Kirk
Chekov bridgemate
"Star Trek" role
"Star Trek" character who famously kissed Captain Kirk in a 1968 "Star Trek" episode
Recipient of many "Open a channel" requests
'Star Trek' role
Kirk subordinate
Sci-fi character whose first name, Nyota, was first revealed in film in 2009
Crewmate of Spock
"Hailing frequencies open" speaker
Role for Zoe Saldana
Saldana role of '09
"Star Trek" role for Nichelle
60-Across crewmate
Nichelle Nichols role on "Star Trek"
Crewmate of Spock and McCoy
Shipmate of Kirk
Officer under Kirk
Nichelle Nichols role
"Star Trek" character who speaks fluent Swahili
Communications officer on "Star Trek"
"Star Trek" character played by Nichelle Nichols
Nichelle's "Star Trek" role
She answered to Captain Kirk
Kirk's communications officer
Kisser of Kirk in the "Star Trek" episode "Plato's Stepchildren"
The Enterprise's communications officer
Shipmate of Sulu
"Star Trek" bridge officer
Enterprise communications officer
Nichelle Nichols' famed TV role
Bridge officer on the original "Star Trek"
Sulu's shipmate
Nichelle Nichols' most famous role
"USS Enterprise" officer
Nichelle Nichols's role on "Star Trek"
TV character who was a role model to the first African-American female astronaut Mae Jemison
Sci-fi character whose first name is Nyota
"Star Trek" character with a Swahili last name
"Star Trek" character whose first name is Nyota
"Star Trek" character that speaks Swahili
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.