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Crossword Clues for UPI

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Clue Source Date
News initials LA Times Daily 24 Sep 2020
News service initials Universal 14 Sep 2020
Owner of a huge news photo archive Newsday 22 Aug 2020
Newswire co New York Times 16 Aug 2020
Once-big news agcy Premier Sunday 02 Aug 2020
Org. with an Odd News web page LA Times Daily 02 Jul 2020
Longtime name in the news Newsday 12 Jun 2020
Reuters competitor New York Times 24 Apr 2020
Wire service co Wall Street Journal 16 Mar 2020
All-sports wire pioneer Newsday 22 Feb 2020
News agcy. since 1958 The Washington Post 21 Feb 2020
News org Canadiana 13 Jan 2020
News letters New York Times 10 Dec 2019
News agcy. with a D.C. base USA Today 01 Nov 2019
AP competitor Wall Street Journal 30 Oct 2019
News inits. since 1958 New York Times 28 Oct 2019
Noted news agcy Wall Street Journal 21 Oct 2019
Venerable news source Newsday 20 Sep 2019
Reuters rival Wall Street Journal 05 Jun 2019
Big name in newswires New York Times 25 Mar 2019
AP rival The Washington Post 24 Mar 2019
Media agcy The Washington Post 31 Jan 2019
News agency initials since 1958 USA Today 23 Jan 2019
Rival of Reuters
Noted news agcy.
Media agcy.
Wire service initials The Washington Post 27 Dec 2018
Wire service inits Wall Street Journal 21 Nov 2018
Worldwide news agcy Newsday 14 Nov 2018
Venerable letters in global news The Washington Post 07 Oct 2018
Headline-delivering org The Chronicle of Higher Education 05 Oct 2018
Wire service letters The Washington Post Sunday 23 Sep 2018
"A deadline every minute" sloganeer The New Yorker 17 Sep 2018
Org. with an 'Odd News' web page The Washington Post 25 Aug 2018
Org. with an "Odd News" web page LA Times Daily 25 Aug 2018 Newsday 14 Jul 2018
Photo archive source Newsday 15 Jun 2018
Longtime inits. in newswires New York Times 11 Jun 2018
News agcy The Washington Post 03 Jun 2018
News inits New York Times 18 Apr 2018
Media co. based in D.C. and Fla The Washington Post 07 Apr 2018
News gp The Washington Post 03 Mar 2018
News org. since 1958 The Washington Post 26 Feb 2018
Wire service inits.
News inits.
News agcy.
Media co. based in D.C. and Fla.
Headline-delivering org.
Rival of the AP USA Today 14 Dec 2017
Longtime news inits New York Times 07 Dec 2017
Global news org Canadiana 28 Aug 2017
International news agcy Wall Street Journal 26 Aug 2017
News-service initials Newsday 20 Aug 2017
Wire service org The Washington Post 28 Mar 2017
News-selling org The Washington Post 12 Mar 2017
Org. that marked '100 years of journalistic excellence' in 2007 The Chronicle of Higher Education 17 Feb 2017
Photo archive org Newsday 20 Jan 2017
Inits. after a big media merger of 1958 New York Times 07 Jan 2017
Longtime news inits.
Wire service org.
Wire service co.
News-selling org.
Org. that marked "100 years of journalistic excellence" in 2007
Global news org., Canadiana 14 Nov 2016
White House reporter Helen Thomas's longtime employer Wall Street Journal 15 Oct 2016
News agcy. founded in 1907 USA Today 17 Aug 2016
News letters? Wall Street Journal 06 Jul 2016
Storied news agency Canadiana 04 Jul 2016
News service inits. since 1958 USA Today 08 Jun 2016
News svc Premier Sunday 27 Mar 2016
News service inits The Washington Post 16 Mar 2016
Name in the news since 1958 Newsday 06 Mar 2016
Longtime employer of Helen Thomas, in brief New York Times 21 Feb 2016
Cronkite's WWII employer Newsday 01 Jan 2016
Longtime newswire org LA Times Daily 17 Nov 2015
Former NFL Rookie of the Year awarder Newsday 07 Nov 2015
'A deadline every minute' sloganeer New York Times 13 Sep 2015
Washington-based news agcy Wall Street Journal 03 Aug 2015
Venerable news service Newsday 19 Jul 2015
D.C.-based news inits New York Times 11 Apr 2015
Major news agcy., once Premier Sunday 11 Jan 2015
News service inits.
D.C.-based news inits.
News org.
Longtime newswire org.
Noted news agency, briefly
News agency founded by E.W. Scripps
Venerable news agency
Cronkite's WWII-era employer
Press initials
News gp.
Old news letters
News org. founded in 1958
News agency since 1958 (abbr.)
Major news agcy.
End of some datelines
Reuters alternative
Media inits. since 1958
Website with an Odd News page
News org. owned by the Unification Church
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.