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Crossword Clues for UTURN

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Clue Source Date
Reversal The Sun Two Speed 21 Nov 2020
Political manoeuvre some motorists favour? The Sun Two Speed 21 Nov 2020
Road reversal Eugene Sheffer 20 Nov 2020
180-degree reversal USA Today 17 Oct 2020
One-eighty LA Times Daily 23 Sep 2020
Complete reversal of direction Irish Times Simplex 15 Aug 2020
Driver's 180 USA Today 14 Aug 2020
Reversal on the road Wall Street Journal 20 Jul 2020
Volte-face of Universal Artists' act The Telegraph Toughie 11 Mar 2020
Difficult move in a busy intersection The Washington Post 05 Feb 2020
Interstate no-no Newsday 15 Dec 2019
Reversal (informal) The Sun Two Speed 11 Dec 2019
Polite act that's undertaken by politicians? The Sun Two Speed 11 Dec 2019
Doubling-back maneuver Wall Street Journal 30 Nov 2019
Reversal on a road Newsday 26 Nov 2019
Highway 180 USA Today 18 Oct 2019
Reversal of policy The Times Concise 17 Sep 2019
Driver's full reversal Newsday 02 Sep 2019
Driver's reversal Thomas Joseph 27 Aug 2019
Interstate taboo Wall Street Journal 11 Jul 2019
Radical change of plan Wall Street Journal 07 Mar 2019
Maneuver upon missing a GPS instruction New York Times 11 Feb 2019
Response to a roadblock Newsday 09 Feb 2019
Policy reversal The Times Concise 21 Jan 2019
Volte-face The Telegraph Quick 09 Jan 2019
Wrong-way fixer Universal 26 Dec 2018
Direction reversal The Times Concise 14 Nov 2018
About-face Newsday 22 Sep 2018
No-no at some intersections The Washington Post Sunday 26 Aug 2018
Extreme course correction Wall Street Journal 02 Jul 2018
180, to a driver Universal 04 Jun 2018
Change of mind The Telegraph Quick 23 May 2018
E St. to W St. move Universal 25 Apr 2018
It's prohibited on many highways The Washington Post 07 Mar 2018
Driving reversal Universal 24 Feb 2018
Driver's undoing? Universal 11 Feb 2018
Road one-eighty USA Today 16 Jan 2018
Reversal of a sort Universal 24 Dec 2017
Often-forbidden maneuver ... as hinted at four times in this puzzle New York Times 28 Nov 2017
Complete reversal Wall Street Journal 14 Nov 2017
Motorist's about-face Wall Street Journal 09 Oct 2017
Driver's about-face Newsday 05 Sep 2017
Embarrassing reversal The Telegraph Quick 31 Jul 2017
Reversal for a driver Universal 22 Jul 2017
Roadway reversal Wall Street Journal 08 Jul 2017
Course reversal New York Times 06 Jun 2017
Reversal of direction Newsday 30 May 2017
Flip-flop New York Times 24 Mar 2017
Do a 180 Premier Sunday 05 Mar 2017
Oft-illegal car maneuver Universal 20 Feb 2017
Motorist's reversal Newsday 14 Dec 2016
180 on the road Universal 27 Sep 2016
What comes around, goes around Irish Times Crosaire 30 Mar 2016
Road retreat Newsday 14 Feb 2016
Roadster reversal Wall Street Journal 13 Jan 2016
180 Jonesin 29 Dec 2015
Rush hour improbability LA Times Daily 25 Dec 2015
Political surprise LA Times Daily 10 Jul 2015
180, so to speak USA Today 17 Apr 2015
Driver's maneuver
About face, in the street
180-degree maneuver
Uncommon GPS recommendation
Driving-test component
Complete change of course
Sometimes illegal auto maneuver
Total flip-flop
Motorist's one-eighty
Full reversal
Freeway no-no
A driver who forgets something might make one
An illegal one could result in a fine
Driving-test ritual
About-face, in the street
Start of a back-up plan?
Road-test component
One-eighty maneuver
Hard thing to do in a jam?
180-degree direction change
Maneuver required five times to finish this puzzle
Driver's one-eighty
Road-test challenge
Radical maneuver
It'll bring you around
Hard thing to do in a jam
Turnpike no-no
One-way street no-no
Toll plaza taboo
Possible response to a driving mistake
It may take you around an island
You might get a ticket for one
About-face of a sort
Often-illegal maneuver
Road-test maneuver
Driving-test maneuver
Reverse direction
Surprising political move
Complete flip-flop
Drastic policy change
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.